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Geotargeting Beacon technology Mobile

Live from #BrandifyIt2016: Proximity Best Practices: A Brand Guide

While beacon technology is still new, it is becoming widely adopted. There is a common misconception that beacons are simply used to send messages (pu...

Geotargeting Local SEO

Pokemon Go Is Using Location to Augment Reality

The release of the Pokemon Go app last week has had millions of users walking around with their phones held in the air, trying to catch Pokemon and pa...

Brandify Analytics Geotargeting Claiming Locations Online-to-Offline Attribution

Navigating Through the Path to Purchase : Data Quality & Local SEO

Consumers expect to find all of the answers they’re looking for online, including information on your brand’s nearest store locations. When consumers ...

Local Marketing Brandify Geotargeting Retail Beacon technology

How Does Brandify Fit Into the Future of Digital Marketing?

As we march on into another holiday season–the most profitable time of the year for retail–and a new calendar year, we at Where2GetIt have been consid...