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Why Brandify

Leading Location Tech

Leading Location Tech

Building local enterprise authority across digital since 1997, starting with our Store Locator. Master Local with Brandify.
Single Answer to Local

Single Answer to Local

Reach consumers using an omni-channeled platform for listings, reviews, lead gen, advertising and more. 

Innovation First

Innovation First 

An intelligent platform informing strategic local action, globally. Tap into AI, with Brandify. 

Premier Listings Network

Premier Listings Network

Brandify sets the industry benchmark for quality Listings Management, support and network reach. 

Know Your Local Reach

Know Your Local Reach

Scan up to 25 locations for free to score the health of your listings across top tier sites. 


What Our Clients Say...

“We are constantly seeing growth from an SEO perspective… we have seen such a great influx of traffic coming from those pages.”


Digital Marketing Analyst | Dollar Tree Stores

“One of our biggest challenges is tying together the user, online location information and the user actually going to that location. We’ve got to bridge that experience together better so it’s a whole end-to-end customer experience.”


User Experience Manager | MoneyGram

“The platform is very robust in a great way. It offers so much insight.”


Senior Business Analyst | AAA

Company News

Know the latest about Brandify.

Our team is gearing up for the 4th annual Brandify Summit, located in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Join us from September 17-19 for an event full of innovative marketing discussions, networking opportunities with top national brands and a whole lot of fun!

Brandify Summit 2018 - Building the Next Generation of Local

Learn how you can begin integrating some of the most advanced technologies and connect with more local customers with Brandify Labs.

Brandify Labs: The Future of Local Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence

Check out our blog for the latest updates on GMB API.

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