Analytics & Reporting

Gain location-specific intelligence

Location-based analytics that are visual, measurable and actionable. Including local, organic, and competitive insights from Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.


Brandify’s insights allow you to measure, analyze and benchmark your digital locations by providing impactful and competitive data.

Brandify's proprietary Brandscare provides a rating for each location.


Brandify’s proprietary Brandscore provides a holistic rating for each location.

Brandscore gives you an immediate snapshot of the health of your brand across all your digital locations. We assess more than 250 location-based data points to deliver granular reporting to drive strategic direction across your organization.

Granular location based insights at the corporate and individual location levels.

Location Based Insights

Gain granular insights from the corporate level down to individual locations.

Measure and score the digital strength of each location through insightful metrics on customer engagement, customer sentiment, online location visibility and more.

Gain comprehensive intelligence with Brandify's robust reporting dashboard.

Quantify and Optimize

Gain comprehensive intelligence for strategic business decisions.

Quantify results produced from your local marketing efforts with Brandify’s detailed analytics dashboard. Use location insights to monitor top performing locations and optimize low performing locations.

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Analytics Features

Search Traffic

Identify how your customers are engaging with your brand by engagement type, date, and recent activity.

Organic Rank Analysis

View search ranking by location to identify stores appearing in top spots, and ones that need to be optimized.

Location Tracking

Track online performance, coupon downloads, reviews and more by location.

Competitive Insights

Gain impactful, competitive insights from one, unified dashboard.

Robust Filtering

User-friendly interface allows for robust filtering by time frame, top performers, locations and more.

Report Exporting

A large variety of exportable reports allow you to share important data with your team.



“Everyone is really friendly and helping us learn a lot. I would definitely recommend…Brandify is such a great resource with all of this information, and is coming up with so many new things, it’s hard to not recommend Brandify.”

Amy Nguyen | eCommerce Marketing, Spectrum Brands


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of analytics does Brandify provide?

The Brandify Dashboard is an all-in-one platform for local. Some analytics you can look forward to having include:

  • Data quality reporting for listings, locator, and pages.
  • Database health which will help you ensure your location data is accurate across search engines and local directories.
  • Reputation: Impact of management through sentiment analysis, share of voice, and growth reporting.
  • Traffic reports for locator and pages. 
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Does Brandify provide analytics by location?

Brandify does provide reporting and analytics by location. Marketers can segment data by single location, area codes, counties, states, or any way that best fits the business! 

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