Local Listings Management

Take control of your local listings at scale.

Brandify powers business listings for over 17 different industries, across 200+ sites, from one dashboard. 


78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases.

Brandify syndications to google, yelp, facebook, foursquare and more.

Simplified Listings Data Management for Powerful Results

Be discoverable by search engines and consumers by ensuring data quality and accuracy!

Brandify helps you take control of your brand presence across hundreds of properties by maintaining correct, consistent online data. Brandify’s Location CMS, which serves as the single source of truth in managing location data for listings, is the power behind long-term deduplicate listing prevention and detection.

Instantly update listings and receive notifications with Brandify.

Instant Listings Update and Notification Management

Brandify empowers brand managers to take action and impact listings in real-time.

When life happens, natural disasters occur, or scheduled events occur, Brandify gives brand managers the power to update listings data seamlessly through our Brandify listings dashboard. Don’t want to do it yourself? We have your back.

Brandify dashboard shows reporting and analytics for online listings.

Transparent Listings Reporting & Benchmarking

Capture and share listings performance analytics.

Never wonder about the progress and impact of your listings strategy with Brandify. Users have dashboard visibility to the progress and impact of listing deduplication and prevention efforts, customer engagement and data syndication.

Listings Management Case Study

Learn how a national property management company utilized Brandify to claim and manage Google My Business listings to increase customer engagement.


Listings Features

Deduplicate Listings

Brandify marries technology and service to detect, deduplicate and prevent future duplication of listings across core directories for long-term online authority. This practice is how we differentiate from generic listings management providers.

Real-time Updates

Local directory management for multi-location business is transformed with Brandify's real-time location data updates. Manage thousands of locations across hundreds of sites using one platform.

Data Cleansing for Listings

Brandify’s data cleansing software puts control and automation in your hands. Location data goes through data cleansing, geo-sync matching, deduplication and is distributed to our growing local listings network.

Best-In-Class Listings Support

There isn’t a step more important than devising a strategy. Our local search experts will work with you to develop a listings management strategy specific to your business. Whether it's strategy, content creation, or on-call support Brandify is an extension of your team.

Vertical Listings Management

Managing local directories for local search discoverability should be approached through the lens of your unique business needs. With a network that expands across hundreds of vertical directories, Brandify is well positioned to execute your strategy and meet your customer's needs.

Analytics & Benchmarking

Marketers have dashboard visibility to the progress and impact of listings deduplication and prevention efforts, customer engagement and data syndication. Benchmark your listings success at scale!

Menu Syndication

Whether you are a restaurant or a service provider, syndicate your product, service, or menu to premiere listings sites. Learn more.



“...We are showing up on Google Maps accurately and if we need to change our store hours because the store is closing, you guys are right there to help us with that immediately.”

Andy AuGustin, Senior SEO Specialist
National Vision, Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between claiming and syndication?

The main differentiating factor between claiming listings and syndicating listings data is that the latter can be ‘owned’ by your brand (we use the word ‘owned’ loosely because the listings publisher owns the real estate, brands are simply granted authoritative permission to manage listing). Claiming and syndication, together create a powerful synergy for holistic listings performance.

What is an example of listings success?

Listings success metric can be different based on your industry and your goals. As an example - for a multi-location retail grocer, data proliferation through the Brandify Network has reduced the percentage of “address differences” nearly tenfold on Google from 9.5% to an average of .75% across locations. Since its launch in October, Brandify has instantly updated information to 462,906 listings with a 99% distribution success rate. 

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