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10.29.20 | Webinar

Meeting Consumer Expectations in an Unprecedented Holiday Season

Learn the most important things you can do to drive holiday consumers to your stores and why an integrated local marketing strategy is crucial to the success of any holiday campaign.

10.20.20 | Industry Event

Re-paving the Future of Patient Access

Kyruus’ partnership with Brandify enables health systems to automate delivery of robust provider and location data to over 200 sites across the web, enhancing their digital presence and ensuring consumers encounter..

09.30.20 | Webinar

Your Online Profiles Inform, But Do They Convert?

Learn from Brandify and Mono Solutions how to transform your online presence into an opportunity to book more business. Along with other important strategies for building online profiles that turn viewers into buyers.

08.27.20 | Webinar

How to Acquire More Customers From Google My Business During COVID-19

Google My Business has always been a critical channel for acquiring customers online, in store and over the phone. Since COVID-19 and social distancing, the way consumers engage with Google My Business has changed. 

07.30.20 | Webinar

How National Brands use Yelp to Achieve Hyperlocal Marketing at Scale

National brands across all industries are leveraging Yelp to scale their local marketing efforts. Learn how Yelp is helping brands improve their messaging and offerings for a hyperlocal audience. 

06.25.20 | Webinar

Recovery Commerce and the Role of Local Search 

With businesses slowly opening their doors, learn how you can take advantage of local search to reopen with confidence. 

05.28.20 | Webinar

Navigating the Pandemic: Local Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

We're moving into a long-term planning stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's take stock of the tactics and strategies that can help to ensure business success during this challenging time. 

04.23.20 | Webinar

Vertical Search Habits Survey

Brandify experts will share their findings in the Vertical Consumer Search Survey which will show you which tools consumers are using to search for businesses and which information they prioritize

03.26.20 | Webinar

Changes in Local Due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has created several challenges for local marketing. Improve your ability to respond effectively by joining us for a discussion of important changes and shifting strategies. 

02.20.20 | Webinar

Getting the Most Out of Google My Business

Google and Brandify host an in-depth discussion on topics like local search trends, optimizing on GMB and new feature rollouts.

02.19.20 | Industry Event

Brandify at SMX West

Our VP of Product, Damian Rollison, takes the stage. SMX West continues to be the biggest and most powerful form of digital marketing, and leading event for SEO and SEM professionals since 2007.

Event Speaker: Damian Rollison

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