Local Advertising

Relevant, Actionable, Data-Driven Ads

Spend your advertising money where it matters: locally. Scale your advertising campaigns to local audiences for qualified conversions.


Every step a consumer takes on the path to purchase is a chance for your brand to become more relevant, valuable and visible. Use display, search and social advertising to connect with local customers and track your efforts with Brandify.

Brandify's omni-channel local advertising product.

Convert Local Prospects Across Various Channels

Devise omni-channel campaigns with high relevance.

Omni-channel advertising helps brands with or without locations identify, develop and target location-specific consumers using tailored messaging for every location and online channel. These campaigns are essential when driving relevant prospects to click through to websites, store locators and local pages.

Brandify's targeted local advertising provides high ROI.

Receive and Prove High Return on Investment

Close the ROI gap of National Advertising with Local Advertising.

Multi-location brands regularly experience the challenge of wasting advertising spend on national campaigns with little proven ROI. Brandify offers its relationship with key advertising channels to help enterprises generate the visibility and awareness necessary to drive conversions and influence long-term customers.

Brandify's local advertising offers retargeting campaigns.

Build Remarketing Databases with Locator and Pages Integrations

Harness the power of local by building smart lists and leads with owned properties.

As the single answer to local, Brandify provides brand marketers that ability to integrate products and leverage user data for remarketing, as an example. Become highlight contextual with rich data from owned properties like your business locator or local pages.

Are your ads really performing locally? Learn more tips from our case study


Local Advertising Features

Display Advertising

Display advertising helps boost brand visibility and allows you to reach customers with personalized, location-based content.

Search Advertising

Our search advertising solution incorporates geo-targeting and advanced technology to make your business stand out on search results.


Our local advertising campaigns geofence at the hyperlocal level to drive customers to your locations.

Smart Fencing

Smart fencing eliminates ad waste by 20-30% by leveraging real-time insights to reach users during key "mobile moments" in order to ensure brand visibility and promote store visits.

Retargeting Campaigns

Deliver local search ads to customers who have recently visited your website to send online traffic to your locations.

Mobile Advertising

Dynamic mobile ads allow you to target audiences with relevant messaging based on a person’s location.

Snapchat Campaigns

Leverage Brandify's Snapchat partnership to launch a geofilter campaign across multiple locations with ease. Learn more

Creative Direction

Need creative support? Work with our award-winning team to deliver a campaign that tells the right story.

Premier Partners

Google, Snapchat, Bing and more feature Brandify as certified Ad partners.



“As we start working on new products and start opening up new locations, the first thing that we need to do is get the word out right away. So, from a demographic, targeting and local perspective, Brandify definitely helps us do that very quickly.”

Michael Chachula | IT Director of Strategy & Innovation, Dine Equity


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a local advertising campaign benefit the target audience?

First, it is about knowing the ‘target audience’. Our expert SEM managers work with you to create highly relevant,  location-specific ads. The benefit here is our delivery of ads to potential buyers which are optimized for context, content, location, and situation. Request more information

What is innovative about a local advertising approach?

The innovation of local advertising is in the available variants marketers can leverage and use to be hyperlocal. A powerful exercise that turns generic advertising campaigns into highly impactful, meaningful content. An example of one of our many success stories includes increasing CTR of Ads. The industry standard for click-throughs of .06% was used as a benchmark to measure conversions. Before switching to the Google Display Network, the brand was averaging around .1%. After switching and tailoring messaging for location-specific ad campaigns, CTR jumped 613% and increased website page views from 300,000 monthly to 2 million. On a monthly basis, CTR had been regularly jumping 25%, demonstrating the power of location-specific content in driving awareness across devices. 

Do national brands benefit from localized Ad campaigns?

Brandify serves as a strategic partner to help national brands drive visibility of nearby locations to users across devices. Brands that benefit from Brandify’s omnichannel approach to local advertising are enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations with near-term top-of-funnel objectives like driving awareness for nearby locations or foot traffic.

Does local advertising make sense for manufacturing companies?

Absolutely! In fact, local advertising is the most effective way to have consumers become aware of where your products are sold. Don’t own locations? Don't worry! You do not need to own locations to generate awareness or leads. By simply leveraging our store locator or dealer locator (depending on the company) you will be able to run a successful local advertising campaign! Learn more

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