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Hospitality Challenges

Customer Expectations

Rising Customer Expectations

Customers are expecting a certain level of personalization consistent across every location no matter where they are, your brand has to uphold a certain experience.

Multichannel Experiences

Multichannel Experiences

Thinking beyond traditional marketing channels and adopting new ways to reach customers as technology is ever-evolving and customers are primarily looking online.

Creating Customer Loyalty

Creating Customer Loyalty

Beyond collecting data and understanding your customer needs is figuring out what to do with the information to increase their satisfaction and have them coming back.

Limited Budgets

Limited Marketing Budgets

Marketing budgets for many hotel brands are fixed and do not account for high-demand seasons, restricting the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


The average hotel receives 47% of their views from Search and 53% from Maps

- Google My Business Insights


81% of travelers find online reviews important for a hotel and 49% will not make a reservation for a hotel that has zero reviews.



Four out of five believe a hotel that responds to reviews cares more about its customers


Hospitality Solution Stack

Hotel Locator


Optimize your website with a hotel locator so customers can find you.

Hotel Pages


Drive direct bookings with individual web pages for each hotel property. 

Reputation Management


Uncover guest sentiment and connect authentically using AI.



Reach guests at the most optimal time and place with targeted ads.



Get tailored insights to enhance the guest experience.

Hotel Listings


Manage hotel listings at scale to ensure accurate information everywhere.

How It Works

Brandify's suite of comprehensive hospitality solutions are proven ROI generators. By using cutting-edge technology, we are able to help hotels take control of online listings and customize listing details at scale.

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How It Works

Brandify's suite of comprehensive hospitality solutions are proven ROI generators. By using cutting-edge technology, we are able to help hotels take control of online listings and customize listing details at scale.



Deliver Personalization

Understand your guests by listening to what they are saying on social channels and review sites to exceed customer expectations through personalized engagement at scale.

Attracting More Customers

Attracting More Customers

Grow your business with tools developed specifically for the hospitality industry. Send guests to local web pages for each hotel property and utilize new channels such as voice search, chatbot, and more.

Smart Review Response

Creating Trust and Loyalty

Improving customer experiences with tools provided in the Brandify dashboard to engage with customers at scale and answering their questions in real-time across all channels.


Extending Your Marketing Dollar

Limited budgets mean finding new and creative ways to reach your customers. Leverage Brandify Advertising to fully maximize your marketing dollars and reaching your target travelers.


Learn about current features Google displays in hotel search and hotel listings.



Interested in learning more about locators? Visit our Knowledge Hub for educational articles.

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Gain tips and tricks for launching a successful review management campaign in this Brandify Guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to optimize third-party reviews posted on websites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Facebook is by implementing a solid review response strategy.

Brandify's local advertising solution stack helps hotel brands develop scalable advertising campaigns targeted at local audiences. Top hotel campaigns use a combination of display, search, and social advertising to convert qualified web searchers into hotel guests.

If you are struggling to find the best way to respond to online reviews, it's may be worth developing a few basic templates. For guidance on how to get started, read Brandify's Guide to Review Response Templates.

Offsite ranking factors can influence a hospitality brand’s rankings within search engine results pages. Google’s ranking algorithms are always changing, but generally speaking, hospitality groups should be integrating both onsite and offsite SEO) techniques to boost their rankings on SERPs. The most important offsite ranking factors for businesses in the hospitality industry are inbound links, social signals, and online reputation.

The best local SEO strategy for hotels involves optimizing corporate websites, local landing pages, and Google My Business profiles for local search queries. Claiming online profiles and identifying precise hotel locations is critical for hospitality groups that hope to see their properties listed in the correct position on Google Maps and other Google apps.

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