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The Ultimate Guide to Google Posts

Introduced in 2017 by Google, Google Posts allow businesses to post text and photos directly to Google My Business (GMB). These posts appear on the lo...

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3 Local Marketing Predictions for 2019

Before we dive into what trends we think will be essential to focus on in 2019, it’s important to recap what happened in 2018.

Google Analytics

Brandify Data Shows Major Spike in Google Search Counts

A few weeks ago, Google added the following notice to the help documentation for GMB Insights: “We’ve recently expanded our approach to how we capture...


Google News Roundup: Search Terms, Beacons, Anonymous Reviews

If you find it hard to keep up with new releases and feature changes in Google’s suite of local products, you shouldn’t feel bad. The pace of these up...


Google Adds “Located Within” to User-Suggested Edits

Managing Linked Listings Has Been Tricky In The Past Google hasn’t been especially transparent in the past about managing the relationships between bu...


Google Tests Future Store Openings

For many brands, store openings involve a complex and costly investment of energy and resources. Multiple departments must collaborate on activities l...

Google SEO Search engine optimization Branniversary

Brandify 20 Year Anniversary Series: Into the Future

As rapid as technology moves, there's no where to go but up. The internet continuously revolutionizes itself, and soon see that next two decades may b...

Google SEO Voice Search holiday 2017

Holiday 2017 Countdown: Are Your Locations Smart?

This holiday season, customers will be expecting that the brands they love and trust are leveling up to meet their demands. But these demands are not ...

Google SEO Search engine optimization Branniversary

Brandify 20 Year Anniversary Series: Evolving Customer Interfaces

Changes in technology mean nothing if users are not adopting them. Not only have brands in the past two decades seen consumers adapt new technologies ...

Google Snapchat SEO Branniversary

Brandify 20 Year Anniversary Series: Decades of Transformation

With every year that Digital progresses, we see incremental but obvious transformation. The shifts and changes of the past two decades in particular h...

Google Snapchat SEO

Brandify 20 Year Anniversary Series: Then and Now

"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards." -Steve Jobs This year marks our 20th Branniversary and with...

Google Local SEO

Google’s Pragmatic Approach to the Truth, and Its Pitfalls

Google and many other big platforms are at a time when they are faced with deceiving information inundating the online world. It presents a question, ...

Google Reviews Online Reviews

How to Survive Google’s New Local Pack Review Threshold with Bad Reviews

Google recently lowered its review threshold to a minimum of one-to-three reviews in order for brands to appear within the Local 3-Pack. Previously, l...

Google Mobile Local SEO

Google AMP and Mobile Optimization in 2017

Almost a year ago, Google launched its much-anticipated Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in order to create a better, quicker experience for mobile user...

Google Local SEO Local Marketing

The 5 Biggest Google Local Search Updates of 2016

As a whole, 2016 was a year full of changes to Google’s ranking algorithm and its local search results. From quarterly Google My Business updates, to ...

Google Artificial Intelligence Voice Search

2017 Predictions and Prep: What’s Next for Google Local SERPs

At the beginning of this week, Jennifer Slegg pointed out that Google seems to be testing a new card-style layout for search results. This new format ...

Google Local SEO

Google Enhances UX with Mobile-First Indexing

On November 4th, Google announced that it will be introducing mobile-first indexing in place of desktop-first indexing. This will greatly enhance the ...

Local SEO Local Listings Google

5 Ways Google’s Possum Algorithm Focuses on the Local User Experience

Google’s recent algorithm update, referred to as “Possum” by local SEO experts, has had many marketers wondering why they suddenly lost their local se...

Reviews Google Local SEO

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Reviews from the Web

Recently, Google has made quite a few changes to local review guidelines. Last month, Google exposure with reviews to other customers. With nearly 90%...

Google Claiming Locations Local SEO

How the Google Maps Update Can Impact Your Brand’s Digital Reputation

  With the rapid growth of information made available online it’s crucial that all areas of your brand’s digital efforts are covered. Today’s techsavv...

Apple Google Mobile

Mobile Payments Are Ramping Up

At Where2GetIt we were intrigued when Apple announced Apple Pay in September of this year. Combining mobile and the ability to transition in-store pay...

Local Marketing Facebook Google Brandify Local SEO Local Pages

Is Facebook Entering the Search Game?

Facebook is stepping up their search game: This week Facebook updated their search capabilities with Graph Search, now allowing users to search their ...

Google Brandify Reviews Mobile Local Marketing Local Pages

Boosting Visibility and Building Trust: Local Advertising and Reviews

We’ve had an excellent two webinars so far as part of our four week-long series exploring Brandify and the Six Pillars of Multi-Location Optimization....

Local SEO Google

Local Shake-up: Google Launches Update that Brings Local to the Forefront

If you own a business and have an affiliated website, you may have noticed a change in your website ranking on Google within the past week.

Google Listing management Local SEO Local Pages

Yelp and Google Up the Local Search Ante


Google Local Marketing

Wear Your Marketing on Your Sleeve...Literally

The latest development in local advertising isn’t at your fingertips, but could possibly be on your body. Such as your wrist. Or your face.  

Google Retail

The Augmented Reality of Shopping: Project Tango, aisle411, and What It Means for Retail

We’ve been glued to our screens these past few months as the heavy hitters of the tech world have been showcasing all kinds of new technology and inno...

Google iBeacon Apple Beacon technology Local Marketing Local SEO

Beacon Technology Could Be Good News for Local Retail

Last week we discussed how the face of Local and Social Search may be changing as new apps and platforms are developed to create highly personalized s...

Data Quality Foursquare Facebook Google Analytics News & Events Social Media Local SEO Local Marketing Local Pages

How Far Can We Take Social and Local Search?

It is being reported that Apple quietly purchased Spotsetter this week. Spotsetter, a “social search engine” app co-founded by Google Maps engineer St...

Foursquare Facebook Mobile Google Social Media Local SEO Local Marketing

Why Instagram's Move to Facebook Places for Geo-tagging Matters for Your Business


business claiming Featured Glossary Series Google Guidebook Local Listings Local SEO Mobile Search SEO

Where 2 Get It’s Marketing Glossary Series: Local SEO

In the second instalment of the Where 2 Get It Marketing Glossary Series we are taking a look at Local SEO. While we write about local search quite a ...

Facebook Google Social Media Mobile Apple Local Marketing Local SEO

Google, Apple, Facebook & Mobile Ecosystems

This week, we are excited to feature a guest blog post from Patrick Cuttica, a Social Media Marketing Specialist at SocialKaty, Inc. Patrick weighs in...

Google Mobile Local Marketing Local Advertising

In Silicon Valley, the Time is Right For Local

For the first time, local listings are finally being taken seriously by Silicon Valley. Conventional wisdom had it that the local space was too scatte...

Google Local Marketing Mobile Local Pages

Google Exec Says Small Business is Key for Mobile Growth

The mobile revolution has delivered new efficiencies and experiences to brands and consumers alike, but most of benefits have remained out of reach fo...

Google Uber Mobile Local Marketing Online-to-Offline Attribution

How the Explosion of Local Mobile Ecosystems Are Disrupting Grocery Shopping

With so much talk lately about Apple’s iBeacon, the rise of indoor mapping, & the emergence of a new consumer path-to-purchase which merges the on- an...

Google Social Media Local Marketing Local SEO Local Advertising

Patch Sold, EveryBlock Revived: The Future of Hyperlocal Remains a Mystery

In the past two weeks we’ve seen two very interesting developments in the realm of hyperlocal news and media. First, on Wednesday January 15th, media ...

Foursquare Google Social Media Mobile Local Marketing

The Google Schemer Shutdown & What It Potentially Means for Foursquare

On January 10th, Google announced - via Google+, of course - that it would be shutting down its location-based activity sharing service, Schemer. It’s...