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Brandify speaking at SMX West 2019

  SMX is an industry leading event that covers the latest in search marketing. This two-day event is led by experts and features tactic-driven session...


Brandify Earns Local Search Association Certification

Working with a recognized provider is the first step toward local marketing success. Contact us to learn more about how Brandify's platform and certif...


Brandify Labs Proves the Future of Local Marketing Using Artificial Intelligence

We are excited to announce the progress and success of the innovations of Brandify Labs! From our chatbot locator, to smart review response, enterpris...


Brandify Nationally Certified as a 2017 Great Place to Work

We are excited to announce that Brandify has been nationally certified as a 2017 Great Place to Work!

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Brandify Partners with Yelp to Deliver Claiming and Yelp Knowledge to Its Customers

Brandify announces its latest partnerships with Yelp, the leading online community for location information and reviews. We are proud to be the first ...

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Brand Battle: Jenny Craig vs Weight Watchers

The latest Brand Battle features a feud between two of the most coveted brands when it comes to personal care and wellness: Jenny Craig and Weight Wat...

Brand Battle Case Studies Research

Brand Battle: Verizon vs. AT&T

In this month's Brand Battle, two major cellphone carriers, Verizon and AT&T are "wirelessly" paired against each other to see who reigns supreme when...

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Webinar: Optimizing for Mobile Search


News & Events

Brandify Sponsors GlobalShop 2017

Every year, leaders retail and design gather together to discuss new and emerging innovations. This year, Brandify will be sponsoring GlobalShop 2017 ...

News & Events

Brandify Sponsors Shoptalk 2017

Shoptalk is a leading retail and e-commerce event. It gathers together retailers, major brands, start-ups and investors. This event will bring togethe...

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Brandify Continues Local Innovation Through Street Fight Acquisition

Today, Brandify is excited to announce the acquisition of Street Fight, the foremost integrated media, research and events company covering local mark...

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Brandify Sponsors LSA Conference 2017

Every year, the Local Search industry's best and brightest convene for the Local Search Association's flagship event, which covers a wide spectrum of ...

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Brandify Sponsors iMedia Brand Summit

Every year, senior marketers from the biggest brands, agencies and publishers come together with innovative tech and service providers to learn how to...

Case Studies

Automotive Retailer Increases Web Traffic 40% Using Reviews

Reviews play a big role in the purchase decisions of today’s consumers. Over 70% of consumers ages 25-34 seek out reviews before making a decision to ...

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Brandify Names Mike Pycha Chief Revenue Officer

Today, Brandify is pleased to announce an exciting addition to our executive team. Mike Pycha has been appointed Brandify's Chief Revenue Officer, res...

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Brandify CEO Speaks at SIIA Bootcamp Marketing Series

Brandify Founder and CEO, Manish Patel, will be moderating a panel of experienced marketing professionals at the SIIA Boot Camp Marketing Series in Ir...

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Brandify Included in Location Management Platform Research Report

For many enterprises, managing location data, such as cleansing and syndication, distribution and data aggregation is a full-time responsibility that ...

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Brandify Sponsors International Franchising Association

Join Brandify for the International Franchise Association's annual convention to learn from some of the industry's most experienced leaders. Listen as...

Brand Battle Case Studies

Brand Battle: Zales vs Kay Jewelers

With the holidays just behind us and Valentine's Day around the corner, it is a busy time of the year for jewelry retailers. Yet, when it comes to two...

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Brandify CEO Speaks at CES

Brandify will be attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 5th through the 8th. Brandify’s Founder and CEO, Manish Patel...


Brandify Introduces Brandify Labs

Every move you make as a marketer is an opportunity to innovate, keep ahead of competitors and most importantly, connect with customers. With the cust...

Case Studies

Brand Battle: Toys 'R' Us vs. Target

Apart from electronics, toys are one of the top targeted purchases during the holiday season and two brands are leading the pack: Toys 'R' Us and Targ...


Brandify Announces Second Annual “Season of Cheer”

Last year, we launched our first annual “Week of Cheer,” where we were worked with several causes and individuals close to the hearts of our team to s...


Webinar: 3 Ways to Boost Your Local Marketing Strategy

In this webinar, speakers cover the benefits and opportunities of instant location data syndication as they relate to industry trends like voice searc...


Brandify Wins 3 Awards at OCDA 2016

Last year, Brandify participated in AIGA's OC Design awards, showcasing and winning awards for our newest app, website and refreshed branding.

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Brandify Announces Enhanced Listings and Syndication With the Brandify 360° Network

With the holiday season and the new year right around the bend, it has never been more important to ensure the quality, accuracy and authority of your...

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Brandify Awarded "Best Dashboard for Managing Local Campaigns" at Street Fight's Local Visionary Awards

This year, we had the privilege of being selected as finalists for two Street Fight Local Visionary Awards.

Brand Battle Case Studies

Brand Battle: Starbucks vs. Dunkin' Donuts

Coffee is an essential morning beverage  that has made brands like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts recognizable around the world. So between these two br...

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Brandify Nominated For Two Street Fight Local Visionary Awards

With over 175 entries in 13 categories, we are pleased to announce that Brandify has been named a finalist for Street Fight's second annual Local Visi...


Brandify Sponsors Street Fight Summit 2016

Brandify is proud to sponsor the 6th annual Street Fight Summit and the 2nd annual Local Visionary Awards this year on October 25th in New York City. ...


Brandify CEO Speaks at ALSMA

Brandify will be attending the Asian Local Search and Media Association annual conference in Phuket, Thailand on October 16th and 17th . Our CEO Manis...

Case Studies

Brand Battle: The Final Score

In a series of Brand Battles with competing businesses ranging from fashion retailers to tax preparation companies, Brandify pitted national brands ag...

Case Studies

Brand Battle: Hertz vs. Enterprise

Vehicle rental companies Enterprise and Hertz battled their branding strategies in this competition which analyzed data accuracy, local search and adv...


Brandify Sponsors Wonder Women in Tech 2016

Brandify is the home and hub of cultivation for innovators from a diverse set of backgrounds. We work hard to empower one another and collectively wor...


The Power of Local Marketing Automation

More than half of all mobile searches have local intent, and with over 76% of mobile-local searches leading to a store visit within a day of the searc...


Brandify Sponsors FCMC 2016

Brandify is connecting with some of the industry’s brightest minds to talk about The Importance of Franchise Consumer Marketing at FCMC 2016 this mont...


Brandify Wins Four Platinum and Gold Muse Creative Awards

Through innovative design, user experience and a seamless mobile experience, we have been able to help our clients maximize their strategies and conne...

Case Studies

Brand Battle: Liberty Tax vs Jackson Hewitt

With tax season out of the way, we evaluated who local customers were choosing to make their tax prep less taxing. This spring Brand Battle compared n...


Brandify Wins Two Communicator Awards

At Brandify, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the most innovative strategies, products and marketing automation experience. Our team wor...


Webinar On Demand: Tips to Optimize Your Local-Social Presence

Reaching customers and staying top-of-mind is no easy task. For local businesses, this challenge is a growing problem that can be solved through the u...