Brandify's The Weekly Update Brandify's The Weekly Update

Brandify's weekly update on all things local search. Take a moment to learn about recent happenings in the space in order to prepare for the week ahead. Links to all articles available in the Brandify Monday Memo at

  • In this week’s update, learn about public user profiles in Google Maps; the proportion of Google properties in search results; the impact of primary category on GMB features; a new COVID Alert app in Canada; the GMB “Black-owned” attribute; and John Mueller’s comments on the impact of negative review sites.



  • In this week’s update, learn about Google’s new paid feature and online operating hours in GMB; a guide to Core Web Vitals; proximity as a less important ranking factor; and Yelp data showing consumer interest related to a surge in COVID-19 cases.



  • In this week’s update, read about ecommerce’s unprecedented growth in 2020; Google’s “Wear a Mask” alert; new GMB notifications for suspended and duplicate listings; Google hours updates showing to the public; Yelp’s COVID-19 page title updates; and the new Web Core Vitals component in the Google search algorithm.



  • In this week’s update, read about Uber’s acquisition of Postmates and the growth of online delivery; multiple appointment links in GMB; new delivery management options in GMB for restaurants; the impact of COVID-19 as measured by Google Trends; the launch of Walmart’s subscription service; and telehealth as a new fixture in healthcare.



  • In this week’s update, learn about Apple’s new navigation features and other iOS14 updates; Google’s expansion of free product listings; changes in GMB hours updates; TripAdvisor’s attributes for health and safety; new “Black-owned” attributes from Google and Yelp; a new carousel display in Google Maps; and the beginning of CCPA enforcement.



  • In this week’s post, learn about Yelp and TripAdvisor’s new health and safety attributes; a major upgrade for Siri; Google’s updates to Messaging for enterprise; new one-star rich snippet results; Nextdoor’s launch of Business Posts; and a new search engine with a privacy focus.



  • In this week’s update, learn about new Google Maps features; the online care attribute appearing in search; GMB recommendations for online offerings; how to interpret GMB Insights; new image carousels in the local pack; and e-commerce gains during the pandemic.



  • In this week’s update, learn about Snapchat’s upgraded map; a new business model from Starbucks; the increased cost of dining out; an outbreak of Google listing spam; new GMB notifications for removed reviews; and the display of services and owner info in mobile search.



  • In this week’s update, learn about the appearance of Black Lives Matter Plaza in Google Maps; the addition of secondary hours in Google profiles; destination page highlighting for featured snippets; the role of voice tech in retailer reopenings; the value of location data during COVID-19; and signs of waning interest in local reviews.



  • In this week’s update, learn about Google’s support for virtual services; Foursquare’s new Recovery Index; a spike in big box store visits; consumer preferences for returning to stores, according to Salesforce; changes to the GMB COVID-19 help page; and the real deal on May’s local ranking update.



  • In this week’s update, Brandify’s study reveals pandemic search trends; Google offers guidelines for hotels affected by COVID-19, and adds insurance information to healthcare profiles; Google Maps makes it easier to find wheelchair accessible places; Google review attributes expand to more categories; and a new site lets you check for algorithm updates.

  • In this week’s update, learn about the restoration of Google reviews; Yelp’s new features in light of COVID-19; Google’s launch of secondary hours; support links in GMB for businesses in need; Facebook’s emails to businesses; and McDonald’s reopening plans.

  • In this week’s update, learn about Google’s May core update; a parallel update in local results; a major reopening for Starbucks; easing of restrictions in some states for restaurants; Yelp’s new virtual services category; Google’s new coronavirus testing SERP; and consumer opinion on the reopening of retail stores.

  • In this week's update, learn about the gradual easing of restricted business operations in several states; Foursquare’s updated study of foot traffic during the pandemic; new offerings from adapting businesses; older reviews and Q&A reappearing in GMB; Bing’s new help page for COVID-19 updates; and how to showcase your products in GMB.

  • In this week’s update, learn about free inventory feeds from Google Shopping; newly prominent retail attributes in Google My Business; a new multi-company initiative to help small businesses; Google’s Marketing Kit updates for COVID-19; new Quarantine Insights from MFour; and the persistent problem of fake reviews.

  • In this week’s update, learn about Google’s new testing center listings; COVID-19 info links for healthcare providers; updates on new attributes for shopping categories; Infogroup’s crisis response features; the good and the bad for retailers during the pandemic; and plans from Starbucks for a phased reopening.

  • In this week’s update, learn about Google’s restoral of service for review response and some new reviews; new GMB attributes for healthcare, dining, and shopping; a new GMB help page for retail businesses; addition of temporary closure and COVID-19 posts to the GMB API; Bing’s new COVID-19 announcement; Google’s support for telehealth; and Apple’s guidance for testing facilities.