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Business Listings Social Media Online-to-Offline Attribution

Navigating Through the Path to Purchase: Social Engagement and Reviews

As we’ve discussed in the two previous installments of our “Navigating Through The Path to Purchase” series, the path has become fragmented. Today’s d...

Data Quality Local Marketing Business Listings Brandify Analytics

(Part 2) Data Quality & Digital Marketing: Is Your Data Marketing-Ready?

Just yesterday Forbes Insights released a study on data driven insights and marketing, with a focus on Big Data and how to best utilize it. We spied p...

Data Quality Business Listings Brandify Local SEO Events

Introducing Four-Part Webinar Series: Part One

Earlier this year Where 2 Get It announced the acquisition of Brandify, which specializes in analytics and helps maximize businesses’ digital marketin...

Data Quality Local Marketing Business Listings Brandify

(Part Two) Where 2 Get It Presents Brandify 360—Brand Score & Local Listings

Last week, in conjunction with our involvement at BIA/Kelsey’s #LEADINGINLOCAL, we announced our acquisition of Brandify—an industry leading platform ...

Data Quality Local Marketing Business Listings Claiming Locations

Three Examples of the Importance of Data Quality in Local Search

Last week on the Local Marketing Blog we highlighted three factors that contribute to a strong online brand identity. The first factor on that list wa...

Local Marketing Business Listings Local SEO Claiming Locations

Three Factors that Contribute to a Strong Online Brand Identity

In this post we take a look at three high-level factors that contribute to building a strong digital brand identity: accurate data, consistent messagi...