(Part 2) Data Quality & Digital Marketing: Is Your Data Marketing-Ready?

Brandify Team | Nov 21, 2014 2:53:00 AM

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Just yesterday Forbes Insights released a study on data driven insights and marketing, with a focus on Big Data and how to best utilize it. We spied parallels in their findings with our last blog series where we took a look how technology combined with human insight can help brands connect with consumers. At Where2GetIt we’re focused on multilocation business and the management of data that come with hosting many separate online business listings. Brandify was developed as a tool to help companies and marketers make sense of and manage the data that comes with all their online business listings, as well as improving a brand’s overall online footprint and digital marketing strategy.


“Big Data” may be the main focus of Forbes’ article, but at Where2GetIt we’re also concerned about the quality of data that brands should be considering. Poor data quality is unhelpful for both businesses and consumers. In increasing numbers consumers are searching online before they make purchase decisions: They look for reviews, they seek directions to a location and they search for what is in their immediate area. Essentially, they are searching for data that will help them make a decision on when, where, how, and if they want to spend their money. Furthermore, smartphones have revolutionized the mobile experience as users can take the internet with them wherever they go: They have the ability to search for anything with a few finger taps and swipes.


Online reviews have become a major part of consumers’ buying decisions. An impressive 86-90% of consumers claim that consulting an online review influenced their purchasing decision. But are businesses able to keep up with what people are saying about them? Brandify provides the ability to aggregate online reviews from major websites like Google and Yelp, and brands can even search within those reviews for specific words or phrases to see what people are saying about them.


For brick-and-mortar businesses location data is crucial. To be able to set foot in a physical store consumers need to be able to reliably locate that store. Is the data that exists for your business accurate and complete across all major search platforms? Will the same NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) show up in a Google search as it does on Bing? What about social platforms like Facebook and Foursquare? Brandify makes this process simple by monitoring and scanning all online data related to a particular business location, and allowing brands to correct inaccuracies or fill in any missing data. No matter what platform consumers are searching on, you want them to be able to find you.

While traditional marketing means still have their place, digital and mobile marketing are a rapidly growing influence. To sift through the data and assure the highest quality available to consumers, Brandify steps in to help brands be consistent and confident in their digital marketing efforts. To learn more feel free to contact us here, or through Facebook, Twitter, or on LinkedIn.

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