Introducing Four-Part Webinar Series: Part One

Brandify Team | Aug 7, 2014 1:35:39 AM

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Earlier this year Where 2 Get It announced the acquisition of Brandify, which specializes in analytics and helps maximize businesses’ digital marketing plans. Starting next week we’re excited to introduce the first in a four-part webinar series that you can participate in!


Our first installment, “Establish Your Brand's Digital Presence” will introduce you to six pillars the core of Brandify’s capabilities. Brandify will calibrate a company’s Brand Score, a benchmark that allows for monitoring a business’s performance in the digital marketing arena and tracking improvements.


This leads us to the next point we will discuss in our webinar: How can you monitor a company’s performance with multiple business locations? There might be dozens, or even hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations that need to not only be monitored but also checked for accuracy. It’s crucial that consumers looking for your business online be able to find you: For that, you need to make sure that every online page that lists your business(es) is accurate and consistent with what is on your company’s website. But how can you manage this at scale? That’s where Brandify comes in, and we can explain the streamlined process that will take the nightmare out of managing data at scale.


And this ties in nicely with the third point we will be addressing in our webinar: Business listings. In our industry we talk a lot about Data Quality and good NAP (name, address, phone number). When consumers search for your business online, what will they find, and where? Do you know what people mean when they talk about the “Big Six”? Can you have eyes on all these online platforms to make sure they’re accurate? We’ll show you how you can achieve these goals.


This first in a series of four webinars will begin next week, starting Wednesday, August 13. Click and register to join in!


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Brandify Team

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