Verizon, AT&T and The Race to Local User Ubiquity

Amber Kazalbash | May 21, 2015 11:11:00 AM

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Lately, it seems like every key player in tech is making some sort of acquisition, partnership or sale. And although we may not find it significant as users if our service provider is switching up their strategy, as marketers these developments are crucial to understanding the importance of user data and dynamic content. Namely with Verizon and AT&T, we are starting to see the different approaches being taken to  become ubiquitous to consumers.

Verizon Is Tapping Into Local + Video

News broke this last Tuesday about Verizon, the US’ largest wireless provider, acquiring AOL for $4.4 Billion. And while Twitter users went straight to the AOL dial up jokes, we couldn’t help but notice an obvious local intention that drove this monumental purchase. Verizon has always been deeply invested in digital advertising and now with the acquisition of AOL, they have access to AOL’s location data and Ad Tech via Mapquest. Industry experts see this evolutionary point in the industry where incremental data can help in cross device and geo-targeting for both national and localized campaigns. Verizon has the location data down and AOL has experience using it. These two elements together might just build a strategy to better understand mobile users.

Aside from the data, part of Verizon’s strategy implies a move towards targeting with more dynamic advertising content - video. Video and advertising are growing very quickly and harnessing this opportunity will allow the company to compete with a broader range of competitors in the cable, TV, and social media space. With its data in place and capabilities expanded, the company will have the ability to create and deliver ads within its own infrastructure

AT&T Wants Screen Ubiquity

Even though we have just gotten to the point of Mobile standardization, AT&T is already looking beyond the smartphone. Positioned as a way to combat its ‘rivalry’ with cable, AT&T is in the works of purchasing DirecTV. With DirecTV’s strong subscriber base, AT&T will have a better chance of providing more content through different  channels: a huge opportunity for national advertisers looking to make the local impact. Here are just a few of the channels that AT&T can leverage its content with:

  • Car manufacturers including M, Ford and BMW

  • Home automation & security services

  • Business and government entities

There’s no doubt that by covering its bases, AT&T is working to get themselves and their advertisers on every screen. Glenn Lurie, head of AT&T mobility was quoted in DP Business making this strategy for ubiquity known:

We are going to be touching the customers in every aspect of their lives, whether it be the car, the home, the smartphone," said Glenn Lurie, who heads AT&T Mobility. "It really puts us in a position to grow."

Thinking Ahead For Your Brand

With all these digital power-plays in the works, its time you apply their implications to your marketing strategy.  We know that Mobile is essential, but there’s more to it. From observing the moves these major mobile players are making it is clear to see that video and dynamic advertising is on the top of minds for marketers.Users are expecting your brand to be able to reach them everywhere with consistent, correct and contextualized information. Your brand needs to ensure that its ad content is as dynamic, diversified and localized as your brick and mortar locations are. Your location data is priceless, and you should begin to power it to all the right channels. Make your small data a big deal to customers after reading our newest interactive whitepaper:

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