Why Location Management Matters in the Age of Mobile and Social

Damian Rollison | Dec 10, 2015 8:40:49 AM

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Location management isn't a term you normally hear when you think of optimizing and boosting your local properties. Back in the haydays of digital presence optimization, the goal for many marketers was to include strong citations an local directories just to organically get on Google's radar.

Times have changed and so has the way your brand gets found. With the great mobile shift, real-time social networking has influenced customers to leave their opinions, concerns and conversations as a trail for marketers to connect the dots and enhance presence. As social became the new search, presence management has spread far past SEO into location management.

Today on Street Fight, I explain how building brand awareness and removing customer frictions is completely dependent on the discipline of location management and the data it requires. You more about the need for the discipline of location management, as well the timeline of its growth today here.

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Damian Rollison

Damian Rollison

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