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Local Marketing

The Usability Gap: Designing the Right Products for SMBs

  Creating a perfect location marketing strategy is not one size fits all when it comes to the 28 million small businesses in the United States.The va...

Local SEO Mobile

Optimizing for Mobile Search: New Tips and Old Tricks

At its core, mobile optimization has not changed. Traditional, or "old tricks," are still applied and it builds the foundation of increasing your sear...

Google Local SEO

Google’s Pragmatic Approach to the Truth, and Its Pitfalls

Google and many other big platforms are at a time when they are faced with deceiving information inundating the online world. It presents a question, ...

Local Marketing Local SEO Local Listings

What Does It Mean to Practice Local SEO Ethically?

Today, most businesses receive an average of 24 calls per month from marketers trying to sell them something. With such a massive number of solicitati...

Local SEO Voice Search Artificial Intelligence

New AIs Offer Surprisingly Traditional Results for Local

As local SEOs continue to make predictions for changes to local search in 2017, a prevailing theme has been the idea of a single answer to search resu...

Social Media Uber Machine Learning

Snapchat, Uber, and the Implications of Machine Learning

Machine learning is becoming more and more pervasive in digital technology, and its effect on the local search industry is already apparent. Snapchat’...

Local Marketing Local SEO

Brand Battles in Depth: Looking at Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts

In the most recent Brand Battle published by Street Fight, Brandify pitted two national brands against each other to measure the effectiveness of thei...

Google My Business

The Google My Business API Takes Another Step Forward

The release of version 3.1 of the Google My Business API is another example of Google’s focus on local and its attempt to give brands the ability to m...

Local Marketing Mobile

The New Proximity: A Second Phase in Mobile Brings Here and Now to Life

While it is important for marketers to stay focused on a consistent and coherent strategy, one based on principles and tools that won’t be shaken with...

Weighing the Local Promise of Bots and Conversational Commerce

We're in the midst of a time when it's hard to tell the difference between hype and technological breakthrough.