Season of Cheer: Inspiring the Leaders of Tomorrow with Child Creativity Lab

Mila Hose | Dec 7, 2016 11:54:41 AM

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Driving full speed ahead into our next project, Brandify is continuing the Season of Cheer by working with The Child Creativity Lab to support kids who are interested in STEM disciplines. Based in Santa Ana, the Child Creativity Lab (CCL) is driven by a mission to foster the next generation of critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and leaders through hands-on projects that promote creativity and exploration. With a variety of STEM-based workshops that employ recyclable materials for children and teens, Child Creativity Labs strives to provide the same level of stimulation as similar, “pure-play” activities.

Why the Child Creativity Lab?
By supporting access to children and families of all social and economical backgrounds, the CCL estimates that upwards of 20% of all admissions to the Depot for Creative Use are either free or substantially reduced to accommodate underprivileged participants. With this access to stimulating and enlightening STEM-projects, CCL hopes to inspire children and challenge their comfort levels in order to raise their potential for personal development and enable them to give back to society in return.

As a technology company, Brandify wanted to contribute to the STEM discipline and give back in such a way that would nurture the technology industry and related areas of study. After finding out about the Child Creativity Lab, we knew this was a place where our contributions would be impactful.

How We Helped
The CCL and Brandify recognized an opportunity for a collaborative partnership through the redesign of instruction sheets on several STEM-based creative packages. When visiting the CCL, children are given these STEM Kits filled with reclaimed and reusable materials with which they are encouraged to create specific projects or anything imaginable, using only the materials they have been given.

Before Brandify partnered with the CCL, the instruction pages for these STEM kits were simply printed on colored paper and lacked the spark and creativity they were meant give tomorrow’s creative problem solvers.

In an effort to invoke the type of creativity and inspiration in CCL students’ projects, Brandify’s team of award-winning designers put their heads together to come up with a new design that would attract students to pursue the projects with passion, cultivate a sense of creativity and inspire them to continue building upon their skills and interests.

Brandify was impressed by the leadership and drive displayed by the CCL, and happy to be a part of helping youth pursue STEM-centered passions. As the Season of Cheer progresses, Brandify will continue giving back to the community by offering our technology and services at no cost to socially-responsible enterprises and nonprofits, as well as students interested in pursuing a career in the STEM field.

As part of our efforts to encourage and enable youth interested in STEM fields, Brandify will be offering scholarships equivalent to $5,000 to students in elementary, junior high and high school. To apply, simply review the qualifications and submit your application below. 

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