Week of Cheer Day 1: Digital Presence Management with Caring Hearts

Brandify Team | Dec 14, 2015 8:30:00 AM

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‘Tis the season to get by giving, and we are celebrating with a week where we spotlight some amazing organizations and individuals who are working for the greater good. We’re kicking off Brandify’s “Week of Cheer,” with the pro-bono services we offered to the two women behind Caring Hearts. Caring Hearts was founded in 2004 by Tara Payne, who recognized the enormous need for non-medical home care services after working 16 years in the healthcare industry. While Tara has in-depth knowledge of how to operate an in-home care business, she and her business partner Shelly, struggled to gain a foothold on their brand’s online presence.

Connection to Brandify

Tara had started a free trial of Brandify for Caring Hearts where she was able to utilize our dashboard’s insights and discover where improvements needed to be made on her digital properties. Once her trial had expired she reached out to us requesting SEO help by leaving a comment on our blog. In honor of the giving season we reached out to Caring Hearts to learn more about their company mission and how Brandify could help. After our phone conversation and researching more about this company we decided to offer Tara and Shelly our marketing services pro-bono.

What we did to help

We gathered two of our SEO Specialists and our Local Search Analyst to help revamp Caring Hearts’ overall digital presence. Starting with its off-site SEO we claimed their business listings to help them grow the amount of links directing to their new site. From there we analyzed six of their competitors and researched keywords related to their core services with SEMRUSH to help determine which search terms Caring Hearts would have the ability to increase their presence on search engines results pages.

“It was nice to have the opportunity to provide our services for a company whose mission was to help improve the lives of others. Knowing how much a simple SEO revamp would help their website made me want to go the extra mile and ensure I did everything I could to help.” - Edgar Estrada, SEO Specialist

Once all title tags, meta descriptions and schema markup were optimized, we granted Tara access to Brandify’s Insights until the end of 2016 so she would be able to ensure Caring Hearts’ digital presence and keep it optimized.

“During the Brandify trial, we utilized the listed recommendations provided in order to enhance our online presence. We’re glad to have access to the platform for a year to help maintain all of our digital properties.” - Tara Payne, Founder, Caring Hearts

As the new year approaches we’d like to offer everyone reading this the opportunity to take control of your own digital marketing footprint by starting a free 14 day trial of Brandify. No credit card. No obligation. Just results.

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