on March 27, 2017 Mobile Local SEO

Optimizing for Mobile Search: New Tips and Old Tricks

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At its core, mobile optimization has not changed. Traditional, or "old tricks," are still applied and it builds the foundation of increasing your search visibility. What has changed, or more so, what has been upgraded, are new techniques and strategies that expand on these traditional methods. 

In the quest to find the single best answer or result, having accurate and consistent claimed data across the "big 6" is still the foundation of local search. Having rich content and updating photos to reflect your business as it is today is vital. Managing reviews and creating marketing opportunities with machine learning and new artificial intelligence will also help to increase your business within search results. 

When people search, they already know what they want and they want it as close to them as possible. Brandify's VP of Product, Damian Rollison walks through a checklist for optimizing for mobile search.