What Apple's New Products Mean for Offline Retail

Brandify Team | Sep 10, 2014 2:37:00 AM

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Yesterday, we (and much of the rest of the world) were glued to our screens to find out what Apple’s big announcement was. The iPhone 6 was revealed, along with a host of other features and devices that piqued our interest.


While the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are sleek and impressive-looking, we were most intrigued with the rollout of new mobile payment method Apple Pay. The claim is that mobile methods of payment have the potential to change the way people shop, in part by bringing together offline shopping (inside an actual, physical store) with online payments (by simply waving your phone in front of a sensor at the register).


The speed and ease of payment promises to delight users, but what’s more impressive is the list of influential chain retailers who have already signed on to accept Apple Pay’s “contactless payments” at checkout–McDonald’s, Walgreens, DuaneReade, Macy’s and Disney (stores and parks) just to name a few, and surely there are more major retailers waiting in line to participate. A streamlined payment process for brick-and-mortar locations would imply happier customers who can more efficiently make purchases and move on with their day. Online payments and retailer certainly have their place in the digital world, but it seems that in-person retail isn’t going anywhere. In light of this, we reassert the importance of having all business locations accurately listed online, and your digital marketing strategies optimized with Brandify.


A few months ago we wrote about how smartwatches and other “wearable” devices were showing up on the market and could change the way we look at personalized marketing and advertising. Even though some smartwatches have already been on the market, Apple’s behemoth influence and cult following have brought the idea to the forefront of consumers’ minds with the Apple Watch. Apple Pay will also be available for the Apple Watch, where consumers can simply wave their watch in front of payment sensors the same way they would their iPhone 6. It’s still a few months until consumers can get their hands on one, but we’re eager to see how the continued trend of personalized mobile devices affects consumers’ buying decisions. In the mean time, we can help brands navigate their online presence with Brandify and the Brandify Dashboard.

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