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Andrea Ramirez | May 19, 2015 3:01:00 PM

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We know the importance online reviews have in building a brand’s reputation.  From listening in on consumer intel to tracking consumer satisfaction with your brand and products, reviews have changed the way consumers see and interact with your brand. In this blog, we’ll look at 3 questions you should be asking yourself when improving and enhancing your brand’s local reviews and reputation management strategy.

1. Where are your customers leaving reviews?

Why you should care:

This question is essential to pinpointing the areas of opportunity for every one of your locations. Understanding where your consumers are leaving online reviews provides your brand a focus on the channels your consumers care about the most. Depending on the industry or vertical your brand operates in, there are specific review sites that might be favored and often used by customers. For example, if you operate within the restaurant or retail industries, you may notice that channels such as  Foursquare or Yelp reach the maximum potential local audience in one sweep. Don’t ignore the facts: use these trends to map your strategy.

As a marketer, these directories and review channels are the points in the Path to Purchase where you can create moments that matter. Identify which of your claimed review sites are creating the most (and least) buzz for your brand to move forward in your reputation management strategy.

How Brandify helps:

Within Brandify, you can break down the percentage of where, when and what kind of reviews are left for every one of your brick and mortar locations. Not only does Brandify display where your consumers are leaving online reviews, but the platform also displays the aggregate star rating for each location. If your consumer's leave more positive reviews on Bing over Google, you can adjust your response and optimization strategy.This qualitative and quantitative data is especially useful for multi location brands to give some insight as to what is happening at the local level. You get to understand the flipside of your marketing efforts, seeing the experiences from the eyes of your local customer. 

know where your reviews are


2. What is the consumer sentiment with your brand?

Why you should care:

We live in a world where the way customers feel is not easily concealed. But quantifiable sentiment is difficult to track for any brand. Luckily, we have figured out a way for you to optimize your time by tracking local sentiment through key words. Your ability to drill down into the key components of your customer sentiment will give you the competitive advantage in shifting your reputation towards being aware, responsible and credible. Without these three elements in the basis of your brand’s online presence, customers will not feel the need to take the extra step after a search to come in (and keep coming) to make a purchase. Observing sentiment and acting on it is a crucial juncture that gives you the opportunity to create the experience that customers expect and deserve.

How Brandify helps:

Brandify allows your brand to search and monitor specific keywords within your reviews to understand your areas of deficiency and opportunity, drawing out a roadmap for what's next. You can also use these keywords to formulate a strong review response strategy that is personalized to each users concerns or comments.

consumer sentiment

3. Are you satisfying your customers?

Why you should care:

Customer loyalty goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction and at the end of the day you want to ensure your customers are walking away satisfied with the experience they had with your brand. When your brand effectively analyzes your highest and lowest star reviews you are able to identify what drives and deters business to your locations. Observing a pattern within your negative reviews allows your brand to work toward implementing a corrective plan of action.  

Similarly, monitoring highly positive reviews educates your brand to focus on what matters most to your customers. According to Google, business with at least 3+ star reviews took 41 out of 47 clicks. Furthermore, an assistant professor at Harvard Business school, Michael Luca, stated that a “one star increase on Yelp leads to a 5 to 9 percent increase in revenue.” What this shows us is the relationship star reviews has on the consumer journey.

How Brandify helps:

Within Brandify your brand can quickly observe the percentage of reviews for each corresponding star rating. While monitoring these reviews you are able to observe which locations, keywords, and the specific review channels appeared in this view. Your brand may also select specified triggers including rating thresholds, channels, and keywords to receive an immediate email notification for quick, thoughtful review responses to these reviews.


We know claiming location listings, monitoring online reviews, and responding to reviews for every locations is a daunting task. Let Brandify do the work for you.

Harness, monitor and score the power of local-social consumer's using our powerful centralized review management solution. Start your free trial today and see for yourself how easy it is to create a brand people love.

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