Why Every SEO Specialist Needs a Strategy to Manage Online Reviews

Andrea Ramirez | Oct 20, 2015 12:43:00 PM

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Manage Online Reviews
90% of consumers say that their purchasing decisions are influenced by reading positive online reviews. If that number doesn’t light a fire in you to create a strategy to monitor your online reviews then maybe the fact that your online reviews help your brand’s SEO will. Search engines love online reviews because your customers love online reviews. It’s time you start showing them some love as well.

What Positive Online Reviews Can Do For Your Brand

Not only are online reviews one of the first destinations for consumers to visit when making purchasing decisions, they are now displayed in Google’s Local Pack and PPC campaigns in AdWords. Online reviews are everywhere and they should not be ignored by your brand.

Below is an example of mobile search results for the term, “sandwich shop.” Looking at the results we notice some very telling information as to how much of an impact online reviews had for DW’s Subs to rank within Google’s Local Pack. Notice that of the three local pack results, DW’s Subs does not have the term “Sandwich” in their name and they are categorized within Google as “Fast Food” instead of “Sandwich.” Yet, due to the higher rating and volume of reviews Google gave them a spot within the local pack.

star ratings in search results

Online reviews help your ranking on Google and increase your brand’s credibility to consumers. Having high review rating shows other consumers looking for the same service or product that your brand can be trusted.

Looks like I know where I’m going for lunch today.

What You Should Monitor with Your Online Reviews

When is comes to creating an effective review monitoring strategy the most important question your brand needs to answer is, “Where are my customers leaving reviews?” Once the answer to this question has been solved you will be able to effectively analyze the reviews left, understand consumer sentiment associated with your brand and identify which of your brand’s locations are thriving (or suffering).

It’s important to know where to start when beginning to monitor your online reviews. Of course for brands with multiple locations the idea of identifying which online listing your customers are leaving reviews for every location can seem like mission impossible. In order to perform this task at scale your brand is going to need to utilize a tool to help simplify this process and save time.

Below is an example of one of many screens available on Brandify’s dashboard to help your brand monitor online reviews quickly and efficiently. And for deeper analytics you are able to click on any piece of data you wish to learn more about for list of locations that contributed to that respective count.

Brandify Review Monitor

How to get Started

Two common concerns we hear SEO Specialists mention when embarking on a review monitoring strategy are the time needed and the cost required maintain their online reputation. Brandify was developed these concerns in mind. Our simple-to-use dashboard has helped hundreds of the world's leading brands improve star ratings and increase in search rank. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself today for free.

Click below to gain access to an instant (free) report of how your brand’s data looks online.


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