How the Google Maps Update Can Impact Your Brand’s Digital Reputation

Andrea Ramirez | Jul 14, 2015 12:11:00 PM

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With the rapid growth of information made available online it’s crucial that all areas of your brand’s digital efforts are covered. Today’s techsavvy consumers are seeking and expect a seamless experience online, regardless of the device. Luckily, for brands that have taken the time to claim and cleanse location data on Google this type of experience is now obtainable thanks in part to the recent Google Maps update. Alternatively, brands that have not claimed locations on Google will be negatively impacted. Which brand are you?

Google Maps Update

Google Maps Update

Last week Google Maps enabled the ability for searchers to send directions from a desktop computer to an Android device, a feature already made available to iOS users a few months prior.  With this new functionality available Google Maps makes it one step easier to getting more customers into your physical locations. Now more than ever, your brand must claim and ensure all location data is accurate, current and consistent for Google to crawl.

Importance of Data Quality on Google

Looking at our latest Brand Battle between AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas, we see first hand how data quality impacts overall online visibility. Using Brandify, we discovered that Regal Cinemas had 40.91% of their locations with inaccurate data information on Google, incorrect addresses being the main problem. The ability to easily send directions from a desktop to an Android or iOS device means that a brand’s location is much more accessible to nearby users. Unfortunately many brands like Regal, will leave their customers frustrated once they discover the address sent to their mobile device is not accurate.  

The main issue for brands with multilocations is claiming their profiles on Google since locations on this channel cannot be claimed with a bulk upload. However, for some enterprise level brands the time needed to manually claim locations on Google may not be feasible. If this sounds like your brand you’re going to want to contact a professional team that will not only claim your locations on Google, but will also ensure all location information is correct - consistently. Find out the quality of your data right now with a free Brandify Trial. You’ll thank us later.

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