Four Things to Consider for Successful Marketing Planning

Brandify Team | Dec 23, 2014 3:36:00 AM

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As we’re finishing our last minute gift shopping and prepping for the holiday weekend, at Where2GetIt we’ve been thinking about what makes for a successful holiday season for multilocation businesses and brands. The holiday shopping season is typically the most profitable time of the year, and we’ve put together a list to recap some key marketing points that retail and brick-and-mortar businesses should consider for success, both during the holiday season and heading into the new year.


Think Local

Traditional, mobile and digital advertising should locally focused! The blanket advertising of the past is not as relevant and effective in reaching the consumers of today. A local strategy will yield successful digital marketing efforts when the right technology is implemented.



Remember Online Reviews

Online reviews are influential for both online and offline purchasing decisions. It is important to be aware of what consumers are saying about your brand online, both positively and negatively. Our latest post delves more deeply into why it is imperative to be aware of what consumers are saying and how to best utilize Brandify to monitor those online reviews.



Be Aware of Growing Technology

This year has seen an impressive amount of new technology being developed, released and utilized for in-store and offline commerce. Beacons started rolling out to some major retailers; Apple Pay reinvigorated interest in mobile payment systems; Big Data and (small “d”) data has been on everyone lips; And people mused on the future of the Internet of Things and how it could affect each aspect of our lives (and business!) going forward. It may take a few years to see the impact of these kinds of technologies in business, but at Where2GetIt we’re always looking at potentially influential developments.


Consider Hybrid Automation

On the topic of technology, businesses can benefit from implementing the right kind of automation tools. Technology strives to make our lives easier, but it’s important for brands to not lose sight of their customers’ wants, needs, and opinions by remaining on “autopilot” for their digital marketing efforts. Automation tools can be immensely helpful, but to remain connected to your audience a brand should couple these tools with a strong local marketing strategy. This “hybrid” automation strategy combines thoughtful marketing strategies with the benefit of automated technology to result in happy, enthusiastic customers who love your brand.

At Where2GetIt, we work with Brandify to help transform the way businesses market and help create brands that people love. To learn more, feel free to contact us here.

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