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What the Latest Google My Business Update Says about Local for Brands

Image via Mike Blumenthal Back in November of 2016, Google began experimenting with the concept of including a messaging feature within Google My Busi...

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How Cognitive Learning and Messaging Can Be Used to Engage Customers in 2017

There are many different ways in which cognitive technology will influence 2017, but chatbots are gaining special attention due to the fact that they ...

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2017 Predictions and Prep: Transforming Brand Engagement With Messaging

This week, both Google and Bing released instant messaging features. Both engines will now provide the ability for users to connect with brands direct...

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How Technology is Changing the 2016 Presidential Election

The 2016 presidential election has potentially been the most technologically advanced election in history. Presidential candidates who once relied on ...

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Live from #BrandifyIt2016: Making Vocal Local

Voice search refers to one’s smartphone, desktop computer or any other entry point that uses voice, like Google’s microphone or Amazon’s Echo. When so...