How Cognitive Learning and Messaging Can Be Used to Engage Customers in 2017

Andy Roy | Feb 1, 2017 2:46:19 PM

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There are many different ways in which cognitive technology will influence 2017, but chatbots are gaining special attention due to the fact that they allow marketers to dynamically personalize responses based on a user's intent and interests. This enables deeper brand engagement and valuable data points through which brands can understand their audiences. 

Brands can prepare to engage the customers of the future by focusing on the following areas: 

Pattern Recognition and Cognitive Learning
Understanding customers through cognitive learning helps develop a unified customer profile. With the customer journey growing increasingly complex, making sense of the varied touchpoints is imperative for brands to facilitate a holistic customer journey. 

Engaging Away From the Store
The best mobile app is the one that doesn’t require a user to download. Rather, it already lives on a device in the form of messaging. Brands will come to depend on messaging to engage users outside of stores to maintain a seamless experience across the search and social experiences. 

Enhancing the In-Store Experience
When a user visits a physical store location, IoT technology such as beacons and mobile apps can work in combination to trigger “in-the-moment” marketing.  Chatbots and cognitive technology will enable a world in which consumers continue brand conversations after the point of sale, creating loyalty without resorting to coupons or discounts.


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