Top 20 Tweetable Quotes from #BrandifyIt2015

Amber Kazalbash | Sep 23, 2015 12:15:00 PM

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Last week we celebrated our emergence of Brandify with the first ever Brandify Summit in Marina del Rey, California. Some of the titans of local marketing were kind enough to speak at the summit and covered the hottest topics in Big Data, targeting and attribution. With so many insightful quotes from our speaker sessions and panels we thought we should share the top 20 Tweetable quotes with you. Enjoy and keep on tweeting on!


1. Tweet this: “A #ChiefLocationOfficer can remove the silos and ultimately unify your organization.”

-Manish Patel, Brandify


2. Tweet this: "It all comes down to usability and how users experience #mobile vs #desktop "


3. Tweet this: “#CMOs say 'We tried that.' But did you try in the context of NOW?"

-Gregg Stewart, 15 Miles


4. Tweet this: "The best way to understand your customer is understanding their interaction with the physical world." 

-Gil Elbaz, Factual


5. Tweet this: "People want to see the value of opting in to your brand's location-based #apps "

-Gil Elbaz, Factual


6. Tweet this: ”You don't own your #brand, you own your reputation" 

-David Harris, BJ’s Restaurants

7. Tweet this: "Your brand should be responding to negative reviews within the first 48 hours!”

-Nip Zalavadia, Brandify


8. Tweet this: "Don't just respond to negative reviews. Participate, engage and reward positive interaction."

-Zaynab Behzadnia, Lucid Fusion

9. Tweet this: “Riches and niches. Once niches go mainstream you’re going to have to pay for it.”

-Greg Sterling, the LSA


10. Tweet this: “A #data identifier makes your #advertising really respectful, really relevant and really effective.”

-Mari Tangredi, 4INFO


11. Tweet this: "Thinking about your #data is actually the biggest investment you can make in your #localmarketing efforts."

-Cristobel von Walstrom


12. Tweet this:  "Strategically a #CMO must find ways to reinforce a brand's meaning and value to customers."

-Michael Darviche, Bridge 22


13. Tweet this:  “If you think big about the data sources and continually about applying different techniques, that will push your #marketing forward”

-Michael Darviche, Bridge 22


14. Tweet this: “Build from a win. Tailor your messaging based on users who interacted vs. those who did not.”

-Hilary Maitland, Thinknear


15. Tweet this: " #Mobile is different than online. Think about that ONE action that you want to do on mobile and hone in on it."

-Ocean Fine, Factual


16. Tweet this: "Location #analytics are part of the "hypothesis" phase of #digitalmarketing."

-Elliott Waldron, Placed


17. Tweet this: “Tying your first party #data to devices and identities strategically will be more valuable moving forward.”

-Justin Schuster, LiveRamp


18. Tweet this:  “What has been the lifetime value of my customer? This question will help you in the retargeting phase.”

-William Merchan, MarketShare


19. Tweet this: “#Beacons aren’t thesole answer. #Brands who integrate them into a larger strategy are most successful.” 

-Kevin Hunter, Gimbal


20. Tweet this: “Data without a story doesn’t have any soul in it.”

-Manish Patel, Brandify

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