#BrandifyIt2017 Day 2 Recap: Discovery, AI and Engagement

Amber Kazalbash | Sep 14, 2017 5:01:04 PM

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Day 2 of the 2017 Brandify Summit focused on the opportunities with newly adopted technologies like artificial intelligence and voice. From discovery all the way through engagement, marketers must think critically about properly integrating these into their marketing strategies.

Serendipitous Discovery
Innovation is always the hot topic, but having a realistic perspective on how to implement forward-looking technologies and deep data is no easy task. Forrester's Collin Colburn surfaced some insightful points from a recent enterprise study. Notably, Colburn mentioned that today's searches are diverging in a way that shows that users are now finding information before even going to search, serendipitously. 


"What may have been a search at some point in a customer's journey has now been addressed through user generated content and other touchpoints even earlier than search," Colburn said.

Because of this, marketers must keep in mind that the bet way to capitalize on serendipitous discovery and new ways of customer engagement is to plan futuristic strategies in conjunction with existing executional channels(television and social media). Colburn mentioned that 45% of US consumers are using "agents" like Cortana, Alexa and Google Home at least monthly, which shows that the overhype of these technologies must be counterbalanced with critical thinking and action by:

  1. Fine tuning SEO strategies to voice search
  2. Honing in on new ways discovery 
  3. Localizing marketing efforts
  4. Embracing traditional brand marketing

Seamless and Natural Conversations and AI 
When it comes to training new technologies for the purposes of brand engagement, the most important thing to build a seamless experience by utilizing the data your customers are already willing to give your brand through touch and voice. This is the foundation of learning, and is core to effectively building a presence on assistants, home devices and other IoT technologies.

Customer Engagement
From the perspective of what brands can do next to engage customers, "What the Future" panelists gave concrete insights on how innovation is built into their respective organizations.


The idea of customers moving from an "expectation economy to a dependent economy" was voiced over and over again. One speaker noted that finding that finding gaps in the data translating these into future strategies can clearly depict how best to integrate future technologies in conjunction and create a seamless experience.

Overall, innovating customer customer engagement is a "fail fast" experience. Panelist Michael Chachula left the audience with wise words that encompassed a sense of hope and curiousity all throughout day two:

"Innovation doesn't know titles. If you have a great idea, don't ever let your position stop you to get in front of the right people and sharing it."

Now is the time no dig into the data, build stronger strategies and connect with customers in new and innovative ways, and we are here to help.

From voice integration, to natural language processing and bots, you can start building forward-thinking location-based strategies for your brand by partnering with Brandify Labs today.


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