Google Finally Reveals How to Improve Your Local Ranking

Damian Rollison | Apr 5, 2016 8:46:21 AM

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Google Local Ranking

Mike Blumenthal noted last week that Google has updated its help page significant to break down specific guidelines to help local businesses show up on Google Maps on desktop and mobile devices. Today on Street Fight, I explain Google's recent focus on providing business owners with the tools and encouragement they need to get business' local ranking higher than that of their competitors.

From entering complete data, photos and hours, to verifying locations and managing local reviews, there are several common sense ways that Google has listed out to ensure that your business is getting the visibility it deserves.

With the release of the Google My Business API back in December, all signs point to focusing on enhancing value and high-quality content for each individual location in order to reach customers on Google.

Read my article to learn the specifics of how your business can start ranking today:

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Damian Rollison

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