(Part One) Technology & Human Insight: Social Engagement

Brandify Team | Oct 9, 2014 8:57:00 AM

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For the next several weeks Where 2 Get It will be taking an in depth look at the role of social engagement in business and how the combination of both technology and human insight–both found in Brandify–helps companies connect with their consumers in a meaningful way.


For this first installment, we’ll be looking at social engagement and how important it is for companies (no matter their size!) to form relationships with consumers in a personalized manner: Multi-location national brands should not feel like large, unreachable entities. Social engagement is one of the Six Pillars that measure a company’s Brand Score using Brandify, and it is critical to success for businesses to harness the power of social media within their digital marketing strategies.


This article in Forbes came out a few years ago (2011), but the author’s message still rings true today: Social engagement is critical to business success. A more recent article from Business Insider this year points out the subtle shift occurring in the realm of social media: While audience and reach are important metrics to consider and measure success by, businesses need to also consider “how engaged and interactive they are with content” on each applicable social network.


Business Insider and their tech research service BI Intelligence has also recently published a report, The Pulse of Digital, that finds social media to now be the top Internet activity, and the majority of social media time (60%) is now spent on mobile devices instead of desktop computers.


Needless to say, digital media and the capabilities of mobile continues to grow and evolve as new technologies become available for both consumers and businesses to utilize. At Where 2 Get It we will use this blog series to explore the ways that technology and human insight merge within Brandify, and how the Brandify Dashboard helps multi-location businesses connect with their audience base. In the mean time, you can learn more about Brandify by contacting us here, or by downloading our eBook "The Local Search Challenge."

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