The Evolving Internet of Things and Business

Brandify Team | Oct 24, 2014 4:23:00 AM

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Last week we rounded out our blog series Technology & Human Insight, where we took a look at how Brandify combines the latest technological capabilities with real human insight to produce successful digital marketing insights. This week we want to take a different look at technology and how “The Internet of Things” is changing the way we look at mobile devices, communication and business.


The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the interconnection of devices and other “things” that can transfer data over a network without human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It is a concept that has been developing for decades as the Internet, computers, mobile devices, and technology in general has evolved and become more widespread. Examples of this interconnectedness can include a heart monitor implant that wirelessly sends data to another device, or the technology in a car that automatically sends updates to a phone. Anything able to utilize an IP address as a unique identifier can be classified as part of The Internet of Things.


An infographic published by Forbes today imagines what the typical workday might look like in the year 2020 with the Internet of Things. While the first half of the infographic illustrates the use of technology in the home and workplace, it also describes the way in which smart phones and geolocation technology can aid the average consumer in a retail setting. Studies already tell us that mobile continues to be on the rise, including the use and effectiveness of mobile ads and coupons.


The Internet of Things presents amazing opportunities for business. Whether an online store or a brick and mortar location, digital marketing presents new innovative means of connecting with consumers and opportunities for monetization.


Brandify and the Brandify Dashboard are a perfect example of the benefits of interconnectedness in business and digital marketing. A business that wishes to monitor its reputation and engagement levels online can use Brandify to instantly receive information on what consumers are saying about them online. Reviews, social media and comments are gathered in one place, and in real time, as Brandify actively monitors the digital landscape and adjusts the Brand Score accordingly. A business’ Brand Score can also be scaled in real time, particularly for multi-location businesses that may have to manage dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations. Brandify is on the cutting edge of this interconnected landscape, and at Where 2 Get It we're always working on the simplest and more effective ways to help brands optimize their digital marketing needs in an increasingly digital world.


To learn more about Brandify and calculating a Brand Score, click here.

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