The Importance of Making Sure Consumers Can Locate Your Business Online

Brandify Team | Sep 5, 2014 4:23:00 AM

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A recent article in Streetfight took a look at how important it is for “traditional” businesses to pay attention to their online presence when developing local marketing efforts, especially in an increasingly digital age. Author Damian Rollison mentions some key points in this article that fall directly in line with Where 2 Get It’s philosophy on local digital marketing, and Brandify's capabilities in optimizing those digital marketing plans.


It almost goes without saying that brick-and-mortar locations need to have a dedicated business website. What’s more, each individual location needs to have its own website as well. Furthermore, each location’s affiliated website must have their NAP (business Name, Address and Phone number) prominently displayed and make sure it’s accurate. As Rollison states:


“The lack of business phone number on the homepage...can certainly act as a proxy for other omissions and inattentions such businesses are likely to be suffering the result of.”

Businesses, especially ones that have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locations, need to be aware of their local data existing online, and to make sure it is accurate. Many mobile users will search locally for restaurants, stores, services, etc. and end up finding the local information on a third party website like Google or Yelp, which should then accurately display the location and phone number among other details. This is one of the ways consumers find a business, then proceed to visit that location. The Brandify dashboard is an incredibly easy way to check and make sure that the data for each business location is correct and coordinates with all the third party sites where it should be listed–Yelp, Bing, Google, etc. Rollison states:

“The need for proper representation does not change, especially so because for many consumers online has become the only viable search alternative...The problem, of course, is that no one can review a business that isn’t listed online, nor do positive reviews do much good if your business phone number or address is listed incorrectly.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

To make sure your business is accurately listed, optimized, and findable, contact Where 2 Get It to learn more about Brandify and optimizing your digital marketing plans.


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