Wear Your Marketing on Your Sleeve...Literally

Brandify Team | Jul 9, 2014 6:36:51 AM

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The latest development in local advertising isn’t at your fingertips, but could possibly be on your body. Such as your wrist. Or your face.


An article published by Bloomberg takes a look at how some companies are looking at wearable devices as the next frontier for personalized advertising. Beyond simply pushing media to consumers’ smartphones, some are looking at the futuristic possibility of devices like Google Glass and smartwatches like Pebble that are coming onto the market. Similar to smartphones, these devices could be used to gauge where a user is shopping and even what they are looking at. The article gives the example of eyewear like Google Glass detecting when a user is looking at a particular item, which could trigger a relevant coupon or deal to be sent to them. Analyst Julie Ask from Forrester Research Inc. then hits the nail on the head with the following quote:

“Knowing where I am is interesting. Knowing what I’m looking at or studying for 3 to 4 minutes is more interesting.”


This highly personalized level of mobile interaction is exactly what innovative marketers are looking for. Instead of broad marketing and advertising campaigns, many clients are looking for ways to connect with small groups or even individuals.

Clever innovations and technological advancements have been popping up everywhere we look. The past few weeks we’ve discussed Augmented Reality shopping, Amazon’s new Fire Phone and Firefly, and Beacon Technology. Not only do these companies push the boundaries of technology, they all have the potential to change the landscape of marketing, advertising and the consumer Path-to-Purchase. At Where 2 Get It we keep our finger on the pulse of local, social, and technology industries that affect your business and performance. Check out our Knowledge Center to learn how we can help maximize your digital marketing plan.

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