Two Things Every Smart Digital Marketer Knows

Andrea Ramirez | Oct 7, 2015 12:20:00 PM

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There are constant changes occurring within marketing departments today. And if you’re a digital marketer the changes are occurring daily. To help cut through the clutter of the daily algorithm updates and latest advertising methods we’ve added two critical “must do” items that every digital marketer must implement - today.

  1. Use Location Data to Create Targeted Online Advertisements

The more tailored and personalized your advertisements are, the more inclined your potential consumers will be to engage with them. While this sounds like a simple concept to understand we still see brands missing the opportunity to target consumers at the local level - don’t let your brand fall into this category!

Targeting your advertisements for local audiences is just as important as targeting your advertisements for specific demographics. And when you combine both of those targeting methods you have a winning strategy that will be sure to outperform your competitors.

For more information on this topic check out some of our other blogs where we go more indepth of how this can be done. Then once you’ve read enough tips it’ll be time to go show off to your boss and peers how smart you really are.

  1. Optimize your Website with Local Pages

We’re sure by now you’ve heard the stat that Near me” searches have surged 34 times since 2011, increasing the percentage of consumers beginning their searches with local intent. And 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphone visited a store within a day. Thus making the case for an effective local marketing strategy online critical for any brand in today’s economy. If you’re brand isn’t incorporating local pages to your website, you need to start.

Local pages are hands down the most valuable digital real estate your brand can own. These pages are tailored to deliver the specific location information your customers crave while simultaneously boosting your ranking on Google and Bing. If creating local pages is something your brand can’t do internally contact us and we’ll create a custom high performing Local Page template for your brand. For more information on the importance of Local Pages check out some of our content on the subject:

Now if you’re brand is already ahead of the game, then we have two great resources for you to use to ensure your pages are bringing in the traffic your brand deserves.

To optimize your Local Pages, download our Local Page SEO checklist for Google. And if you want to use a tool to measure the performance of your Local SEO at scale, read up on our latest update for our Brandify platform.

Dealing with all the constant changes occurring in the digital ecosystem it’s difficult for even the smartest digital marketers to keep up with. Subscribe to our Brandify blog feed and let us do the research for you.

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Andrea Ramirez

Andrea Ramirez

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