Stitching Data Together Leads to Lifetime Customer Engagement

Andrea Ramirez | Sep 24, 2015 1:11:00 PM

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stitching customer data

One recurring theme presented itself during Brandify Summit 2015 last week: the need for marketers to transform the way they utilize and interact with data. We are at the point where we need to start asking different questions in order to create more elaborate, creative and relevant advertisements for consumers on the fragmented path to purchase. We must stitch together consumer data from various sources and remember our customers to create compelling local marketing tactics.

Contrary to popular belief, data is king, and marketers should be making stories out of their data. Once you get your hands on the location data of your consumer's you’ll be able to create more innovative advertisements to influence their behavior. One person's reason for visiting your location will certainly differ from another, and in order to target effectively, you’ll need to know their intent for visiting your location. By stitching different data sets together your brand will be able to answer more granular questions like:
- What section of my store will they be in?
- What item off my menu will they buy?
- How many time have they purchased this item before?
- Are they a returning customer? Is their first time at my location?

Customer Amnesia

With ad blocking and the new ‘snack pack’ making visibility harder for brands, we must understand why customers are straying away from our marketing efforts in the first place. Customers are dealing with brands who are limited internally by silos and forget the customers they interact with. This problem, which we have dubbed Customer Amnesia, could be ruining the health of your brand.


During our panel session on “Overcoming Customer Amnesia,” marketers discussed the types of data that can be used to make sure the above questions are answered and customers are correctly engaged with. Cristobel von Walstrom ( @BelleofBigData ) discussed how leveraging data from credit card companies can provide deeper customer behavior analysis which can then be used to reach the right users at the right time. With the help of companies like 4INFO, this data is synced to a home address or device so you’re able to create a better profile of your customers without providing them information that customers don’t care about. In other words:

“Make your advertising really respectful, really relevant, and really effective.”- Mari Tangredi, 4INFO (Tweet this!)

The first step to building more innovative campaigns is simple: know your data. As marketers we must sit with our data to fully understand what it’s telling us, and then build powerful stories that engage our customers. By sitting with the data, marketers will have the time to analyze what’s in front of them, providing the ability to know who your audience is before launching a campaign. Some questions that you’ll need to answer when analyzing your data should include the following:

- How many times do your consumers visit your locations before they make a purchase?
- Does your location thrive in certain seasons or points throughout the day?
- What is the demographic of your customers?
- Which devices lead more consumers to your store locations?

Data Stitching

Once your brand understands the data, you’ll be able to stitch the different data sets together to better engage with customers. Data stitching is the process of combining your data sets in a way that creates a clear picture of your marketing strategy. When you use your customer habits, intent and information as the data you stitch together, you are ensuring your campaigns, advertisements and social engagements are relevant to users who interact with your brand both online and in store.

Most marketers understand that data stitching is necessary to piece together clues about customer. However, the difficulty lies in finding a tool that can make a first time buyer a lifetime buyer. With a world full of data and nothing to pull it all together, local marketing strategies can become counterproductive and downright annoying to customers. Court your customer by using a platform with the following capabilities:

- Persona building data
- Omni-channel tracking
- Local-Social moderation and response
- Data syndication and optimization


The need to harness and understand your brand’s data to better serve your customers is evident. And analyzing your brand’s online footprint  in regards to social engagement, online reviews, search rank and data quality are some of the more important areas to understanding how your are reaching your customers. Luckily now, you can grab this data instantly and for free with Brandify’s real time Brand Scan.

Take the first step to understanding your customers interact with your brand online by going to the Brandify homepage and entering your email address to get started.

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Andrea Ramirez

Andrea Ramirez

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