Google is Experiencing a Local Listings Bug

Amber Kazalbash | Apr 1, 2016 1:03:33 PM

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Google Local Glitch

Marketers, this isn’t an April fools prank: Brands actively working to retain accurate location data on Google My Business are undergoing a major technical glitch across the Google listings and reviews ecosystem.

Both Brandify and Google representatives identified this glitch, which had caused listings and reviews to disappear for locations all across the country.

This bug is causing some of the most valuable information for users, to be missing from the search result. If this is not solved in a timely manner, local customers could potentially turn to a competing brand that isn’t being affected by the bug. While Google has alerted brand managers of this issue via e-mail, it has not specified whether the glitch is vertical-specific.

Brandify is actively restoring local listings on locations for any clients who are experiencing Google’s glitch. If you are a multi-location marketer and are experiencing the same issues, contact our team with your questions.

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