Brandify Announces Enhanced Listings and Syndication With the Brandify 360° Network

Brandify Team | Oct 26, 2016 10:00:01 AM

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With the holiday season and the new year right around the bend, it has never been more important to ensure the quality, accuracy and authority of your online listings. Today, Brandify is pleased to announce the launch of The Brandify 360° Network, an enhanced listings and syndication offering which reflects our direct partner relationships across the web.

With Brandify 360°, multi-location enterprises can solve for the complexity of the Local ecosystem and focus on providing consumers with real-time data. As customer expectations at an all time high in this on-demand economy, location management is even more essential to keep and retain loyal, local customers.

The Brandify 360° Network is now available for brands to start leveraging their location data. Learn more about the importance of real-time location data management and join our upcoming webinar on location management for the holiday season below.


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Brandify Team

Brandify Team

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