Boosting Your Holiday Marketing Strategy: Strategies For Bridging Online to Offline

Mila Hose | Nov 4, 2016 10:57:47 AM

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Today’s customers operate across many different channels, switching between devices and making split-second decisions based on relevant, timely and personal content. Previously, we have covered how local listings accuracy and mobile optimization are crucial to holiday marketing success. Additionally, it is important to be chosen in a customer’s moment of need by utilizing advertising strategies to bridge online to offline this holiday.

Multi-Screen Optimization
A recent study by Google found that 90% of people use multiple screens throughout the day, changing between devices based on factors such as the time of day or their current location. The prevalence of mobile has empowered these customers to start their search for a product or service from home and then complete their purchase through finding the nearest location via their mobile device.

Consumers spend a majority of their time on mobile devices from the early morning hours to the late afternoon, followed by more heavy computer usage starting around 8pm. Brands who only optimize for one device lose an opportunity to reach consumers throughout the day. During the holidays, marketers can reach these “always on” customers through multi-screen advertising and presenting unique, actionable and personalized content across these devices.

Advertising: Search, Display Social
Location-based ads have a higher relevancy than national campaigns, with 75% of consumers stating that they prefer ads that are customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings. By giving users this level of localization, your holiday ads are likely to perform with a higher return and bring customers from device to store.

When it comes to local search, branded and long-tail keywords and create personalized content based on a specific location rather than your brand as a whole. Busy customers with long holiday shopping lists will make product-specific searches, enabling your brand to target keywords for products for which customers are likely to search. Brands can personalize social content by highlighting location-specific themes, such as store coupons or local events.

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Studies reveal that personalized ads are more than three times effective as general campaigns which means one thing: display ads will generate high engagement during the holidays. Strategic display retargeting will also gives brands the ability to reach customers based on search intent, website or store locator visits or even proximity to a specific location.

One of the most dynamic ways to drive online users in store this holiday is through social-local advertising. With 46% of people using social media to make purchase decisions, brands can’t afford to skip on the opportunities social gives in generating trust, engagement and most importantly, in-store traffic. Drive consumer action by putting expiration dates or times on store coupons or creating holiday loyalty programs that drive sales in-store with coupons or rewards that can only be redeemed in store.  

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By executing different advertising tactics to bridge online to offline this holiday, brands can provide relevance, context and a level of trust to consumers.With measurable ad campaigns this holiday season, your brand will be fully equipped with the insights you need to understand where content is performing well and where it needs to be improved. Brand marketers can use campaign analytics to retarget customers throughout the holidays and the New Year.

Start enhancing your online-to-offline strategies with more strategies and tactics from our free upcoming webinar, 3 Ways to Boost Your Local Marketing Strategy this Holiday Season, hosted by Brandify’s Director of Product, Damian Rollison.


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