Boosting Your Holiday Marketing Strategy: Mobile Optimization

Mila Hose | Oct 27, 2016 11:37:11 AM

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Mobile is becoming an incremental part of the shopping experience for many consumers. This year, 73% of customers plan to use their mobile devices for shopping activities, such as finding deals, comparing prices, researching products, accessing coupons and finding store locations. With mobile taking such a big role in the holiday shopping experience, this week we will discuss how enterprise brands can target on-the-go consumers and optimize for the mobile user experience.  

Utilize Proximity
Mobile consumers are often looking for the best deals on-the-go, which means making split-second decisions on what stores to visit based on a brand’s offerings. Holiday shoppers are attracted to places such as malls, which allow them to complete all of their shopping within one central area, and are often looking for relevant offers from new brands that will help ease the holiday shopping madness.

Additionally, with over 84% of consumers using their phones to help them shop in stores, brands can maximize on the opportunity to gain customer loyalty and attract new consumers by utilizing proximity marketing, such as beacon and wallet integration to push relevant ads to consumers who are within a specific area. Additionally, marketers can attract consumers in-store through differentiating location-specific offers from competitors during the busy holiday season, when most stores start to look the same, and drive action through time-sensitive offers.

Localize Your Mobile Properties 
In order to maintain an active online presence and connect the online to offline experience, it is important to have localized mobile properties available to your cross-device customers. Having locators and local pages should not just be a desktop practice and should not only be mobile responsive. Creating these properties to be fully optimized for mobile is what will deliver the most value to busy customers.

With a location SDK, your brand can take control of its presence on mobile and offer a seamless experience for customers from search to stores. Nordstrom has integrated some localized properties into its branded app, presenting an opportunity to deliver a variety of location-specific information to customers. Some of this potential information includes directions, ride hailing, coupons, wearable integration and more.


Stay on Top of Your Reputation
Nearly half of all consumers using social media to make purchasing decisions, brands cannot afford to abandon social profiles during the holidays. With almost 80% of all social media activity coming from mobile devices, it is imperative that both local-social visibility and reputation management are part of your holiday strategy.

Firstly, corporate-level marketers can take advantage of local mobile customer relationship management systems (CRM) that give instant notifications of new reviews to brand managers. The holidays are a hectic time that require immediate response to customers, so a protocol should be built if location managers are given permission to moderate these reviews.

Next, brands schedule unique content to each location’s social pages or to individual locations with a mobile content management system (CMS). Location managers can also take part in contributing with location-specific local-social content, from product inventory to sales and offers. Through active, engaging content, your brand can build relationships with mobile social users and retain them past the holidays.

Measure the Effectiveness of Campaigns
The only way to build impactful campaigns for the coming year and make the most out of next year’s holiday season is to apply analytics to your holiday marketing campaigns and gauge success against goals and objectives.

An effective location management system will provide valuable insights into how your strategy is performing across channels. Brands should take advantage of the opportunity to measure data quality, social engagement, visibility and mobile optimization. With these insights, enterprises can work to further personalize content to customers and build long-term brand loyalty.

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