Webinar Part 2: Turn Online Traffic into Foot Traffic

Brandify Team | Aug 15, 2014 3:04:11 AM

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This week Where 2 Get It introduced the first webinar in a series of four that explores the 6 Pillars of multi-location optimization that makes up the backbone of Brandify. In this first webinar we discussed Syndication and Claiming and how important it is for businesses with multiple or many locations. These discussions segue nicely into next week’s webinar topic: Turning Online Traffic into Foot Traffic: Store Locators and Local Pages.


Having consumers looking at and engaging with your online content is only half the battle: Brick and mortar locations also want people walking through their doors. Some of the most compelling online tools for this is making sure you have Store Locators on your website and that each store location has its own Local Page. These tools can also be utilized to positively affect your local SEO rankings.


Just as each business location should be claimed/syndicated, there should also exist a Local Page dedicated to each individual business location. Not only will consumers want to physically see where your store exists on a map, but also quickly and easily find that location’s NAP (name, address, phone number). Additionally, a local landing page can act as the main hub for other channels to funnel people toward find that business. Claimed location listings, syndication, organic search and online ads/campaigns can all link back to the same landing page, which in turn increases a business’ SEO ranking. With all this traffic, Local Pages can also be used to drive conversions, thus getting more customers through the doors of brick and mortar businesses.


Where 2 Get It’s CEO, Manish Patel, will be leading the discussion and explaining how Where 2 Get It and Brandify can help businesses maximize their digital marketing plans using these and other tools.


This webinar will be next week, and there will be two chances to join! You can click below to register for either of the two dates:

Monday, August 18

Wednesday, August 20

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