Local Marketing Automation for 2015 and Beyond

W2GI Team | Sep 1, 2015 12:51:39 PM

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Local media marketing expenditures are projected to reach $157.7 billion by 2019, a 13% increase over $139.4 billion in 2015, according to BIA/Kelsey’s U.S. Local Media Forecast 2015. As our CEO Manish Patel mentioned at BIA Kelsey National this past spring, the real demand in digital marketing today is for competent Chief Location Officers who understand how to effectively drill down to optimize each of a brand's locations. “Local needs to take center stage. To do that, the industry can’t have every feature or channel in a silo. You can’t have a mobile guy, a review guy and a social guy. Someone from the marketing team needs to know someone at the location who can tie together reviews, competitive intelligence, search and mobile advertising — as well as the brand executives who handle real estate and operations" Patel said. In Marketing Land's newest market intelligence report "Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Tools 2015," brand marketers will be able to understand the need for the right automation platform and what Chief Location Officers play  in the greater scheme of digital presence management. Marketing Land's report highlights some of the most critical elements for local marketing automation success: -Listing management -Local SEO -Local landing pages -Reputation management -Local paid search / social Your location data is the heart of each of these areas of local marketing. On the path to purchase, your location data can boost or break each of these touchpoints and change the outcome of a customer's journey. And with 78 percent of local-mobile searches resulting in offline purchase, it all starts with a powerful marketing automation technology that can cleanse, harness and syndicate data to meet your brand's goals and objectives. Read the full Marketing Land report to see how Brandify is helping brands ride the new wave of local marketing automation.

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