Where2GetIt Uncovers Why "Small Data" Online is a Big Deal

W2GI Team | Jun 29, 2015 10:40:53 AM

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"Big Data" is no longer a shiny new term. Years ago it was something every organization wanted, some organizations had, but almost no one knew what to do with it. The closer organizations came to harnessing this wealth of information, the further away from real actionable insights they seemed to get.

Meanwhile small data, "Digital tidbits consumers leave in their paths as they go through the day," has been accumulating online for years. Free from the "regression analytics" and "correlation confidences" of its big brother, small data is made up of actionable digital bits whose values is of direct significant to both users and businesses.

With the ever-increasing influences of mobile, digital and online marketing, companies must become aware of how they are represented online.

Enter our interactive portal to learn  how your brand can convert "small data" into accessible and actionable pieces of information.

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