5 Easy Tips to Incorporating Video Content in Your Marketing Mix

Andrea Ramirez | Jan 16, 2015 11:12:00 AM

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Laptop Work-1According to experts 2015 is gearing up to be the “Year of the Video.” Video content adds value to online search engines like Google and Bing making it an important search-ranking factor. By 2016, 55% of all consumer internet traffic will derive from online video, making it the largest generator of consumer internet traffic worldwide. There is a huge opportunity to drive more traffic to your site and ultimately drive more sales with the use of video.

Below are 5 easy tips to maximize video content for your marketing mix.

1.       Keep the Message Simple

Overall, one clear trend for videos is to simplify and summarize content.  Today we consume information with bulleted lists, infographics, videos, and basically anything else that provides the opportunity to digest a lot of information quickly. With Wistia’s video lengths analytics, we can see that shorter videos encourage the audience to watch the whole thing, which means shorter videos have more of an engaged audience.

Below is an example of a concise video that summarizes how Where2GetIt empowers enterprise level businesses to compete at the local level with their local pages.



2.    Create a Voice

Creating a voice for your brand is a significant element in your brand’s persona. Your voice communicates value and there is no better way to amplify your voice than in a video format. When adding video content to the marketing mix your brand has the platform to convey more emotion and personality to consumers than they would receive through written content. Incorporating videos infused with  your brand’s personality will attract a wider audience over a formal video presentation.

A recruitment video by Shopify is a great example of how they utilized the personality of their voice by sprinkling elements of humor to an informative video.



3.       Utilize video features on social media

In one of our previous blog posts we discussed the creativity Home Depot’s Vine account had within their marketing mix.  Now, with social media platforms like Instagram and Vine consumers are able to see branded content within a few seconds. Social media is all about connecting to your customers online and encouraging them to share your brand with their connections. Creating fun and intriguing videos on various platforms engage your audience and encourage them to continue to search for more information on your brand.

4.       Include videos in email campaigns

Video support in email is increasingly becoming a hot topic in email marketing.  According to an Experian Digital Marketing Trend Report, simply mentioning the word ‘video’ in an email subject line increases click-through rates. On average 15% to 20% of email recipients are on mobile devices and video is easier to watch than to read text on a small screen. For tips on how to prepare video for an email marketing campaign click here.

5.       Include Video on Landing Pages

Including a video on a landing page will increase the amount of time visitors stay on the page. If paid search is one of your brands main sources of traffic, adding video to landing pages can improve the performance of PPC campaigns. Incorporating a video to landing pages, will boost critical stats on your landing pages improving your ad rank and lowering your CPC in the process.


Ultimately, generating great content that tells a story is the most important ingredient to successfully optimizing video campaigns. Without the creation of engaging, entertaining or informative content that consumers want to share it will be nearly impossible to organically generate a substantial amount of views. Not only is the number of people who are viewing your videos that’s important, it’s the also reasons why they watch it.  If your brand is not incorporating video content to your marketing mix, you're missing out on increasing your internet visibility.

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Andrea Ramirez

Andrea Ramirez

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