(Part Four) Where 2 Get It Presents Brandify 360—Brand Score & Online Reviews

W2GI Team | May 29, 2014 8:34:06 PM

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Earlier this month, Where 2 Get It announced the acquisition of Brandify—an innovative online brand management platform that evaluates and provides specific recommendations to improve a brand’s online presence. Our CEO Manish Patel had this to say:

“Having sold location-based services for 16 years, I am interested in what resonates most with our customers.” He continued, “For the past 16 years, Where 2 Get It’s mission has been to drive local retail sales by connecting consumers to stores.”

To that end, over the past three weeks we have been introducing our customers to Brand Score—the cornerstone of the new Brandify 360 Platform—through a four part blog series titled: Where 2 Get It Presents Brandify 360.

In the first part of the series we discussed Brand Score & SEO and the effect a proper local SEO strategy can have on your Brand Score. Part two looked at the importance of data quality and the implications of Brand Score & Local Listings. Last week, in part three we tackled Brand Score & Social Engagement and discussed how social signals can have significant influence over a consumer’s purchasing behavior.

This week we round out the four part series by taking a look at how the Brandify 360 Platform allows for brand management at scale when it comes to monitoring reviews on social and business listing websites like Yelp, Google+ Local and even Facebook.

Brand Score and Reviews

It’s no secret these days that a consumer’s first interaction with a brand often takes place digitally—either through a form of digital advertising or on a brand’s social media. In addition, a customer’s first impression of a brand is often shaped by online reviews on the likes of Yelp, Google+ Local or even Facebook.

As we will discuss in our upcoming eBook (available for download very soon!), online review sites like Yelp and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter provide a direct line of communication between consumers and brands. What’s more, this communication is taking place in a public forum. In many ways, this has shifted the power, so-to-speak, back into the individual consumer’s hands, where it should be.

Last week we discussed the way social engagement can greatly influence another consumer’s purchasing behavior. When a consumer checks-in, creates a star rating or writes a review on Foursquare, Facebook or Yelp, these actions can be used as powerful social signals. Ultimately, what starts as a mobile search with local intent quickly turns into a location-based social experience with reviews, tips and check-ins.

For a brand manager or CMO, keeping track of these social signals—namely customer reviews—across multiple sites and directories for thousands of brand locations is nearly impossible without the right technology.

Enter: Brandify 360 and Brand Score!

Brand Score monitors your online properties for new reviews, tips, average star ratings, and the overall number of reviews to let you know what people are saying about your brand. What’s more, the Brandify 360 Platform allows to track and monitor these reviews, tips and star ratings across locations and over time.

Want to understand how one location stacks up against another in a specific region? Or, perhaps you are curious how an entire region compares to another region with regards to overall Yelp review sentiment or star ratings Google+ Local? The Review Distribution dashboard within Brandify’s Insights tab allows you to see all of this data.

Below is a snapshot of how the Review Distribution dashboard aggregates online review and ratings across platforms (data stripped out to respect client privacy). Brandify users get a top level of the distribution of reviews and can then drill in deeper to analyze reviews from specific platforms and per location.

brandify reviews

These insights allow Brand Managers to easily gauge the relative performance of specific brand locations compared against hundreds or even thousands of others. That’s online review and brand management for national brands at local scale!

Sign up to learn more about how the Brandify 360 Platform and Brand Score can help you take control of your online brand management efforts. Where 2 Get It’s can also help you stay connected to your customers both online and in the store with our end-to-end enterprise local digital marketing suite.

It’s simple to get started with a free trial of Brandify at brandify.com. You can review our recent Local Search Insider webinar titled: The Six Pillars of Multi-Location Optimization which highlights Brand Score, and don’t forget register for our upcoming webinar on Thursday, May 29th.

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