Google Services

Google’s Services feature was originally designed to give service-based businesses a way to create menus that list the services they offer. New options were added in 2019 for qualifying business categories, such as plumbers and storage facilities. Service lists are now attached to primary and secondary categories in the Google My Business dashboard, and Google is suggesting specific services that businesses may offer

Google Services Menu

As a business owner, you can choose from preconfigured service options or write in your own free-text services. To enable these services, just click on each item that you wish to add. You also have the option to choose “Select all” to choose all items on the list. If your service isn’t listed, you can add it as a “custom service.”

As a best practice, Google recommends keeping your services list organized, with services grouped into sections. When customers see your listing on Google, they will find your services listed under the "Services" tab.

For example, if you are adding services for your day spa, you should create sections like Massages, Hair, Skin, Body, and Nails. Under each of those sections, you would add the specific services your spa offers. For example, under the Massages section you might add Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and Pregnancy Massage. Each service should have a price and a brief description. 

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