Google Services

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Google has recently introduced a new way for service-based businesses to create menus that list the services they offer. Google’s new Services feature is available to selected businesses through Google My Business.

Service-based businesses can access the Services feature in the Google My Business dashboard and add menus to their Google listings.

If the Services feature is available for your business, it will be accessible by clicking on the “Info” tab in Google My Business. Find the “Services” section and click “Add or edit items.” Manually add the different section names and items, the price of each item, and a brief description to complete your services menu.

Google Services Menu

For example, if you are adding services for your day spa, you would create sections like Massages, Hair, Skin, Body, and Nails. Under each of those sections, you would add the specific services your spa offers. For example, under the Massages section you might add Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, and Pregnancy Massage. Each service should get a price and a brief description.

The service details that you enter in Google My Business show up in the Google Maps mobile app. When customers look up your business in the Google Maps app and find your listing, they see a link that says “Menu.”

Google is expected to use the information in other places, including the Knowledge Panel and desktop Google Maps, in the future.

The Services feature is only available if your local listing is not currently connected to a third-party provider. Also, because the Services feature is still new, it has not been rolled out to all service-based businesses. Service-based businesses that can currently add services to their Google listings include:

  • Lawyers
  • Dentists
  • Health and beauty
  • Plumbers
  • Hotels
  • Pest control
  • Marketing agencies
  • Insurance agencies

If the Services feature is not showing up in your Google My Business dashboard, contact Brandify for guidance on how to update the information in your local listings.