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Frequently Asked Questions about Social


Frequently Asked Questions about Social Media

Now that social media has gone mainstream, many brand managers are wondering how to effectively integrate social media into their local marketing mix. Social media management involves creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is important for SEO purposes, and it's crucial to consumers that brands are active on social. Brands need to create a strong social strategy to stay relevant and communicate with consumers online - especially at the local level.

Multi-location brands need to know what people are saying about their stores or branch locations online. Social media monitoring gives brands a way to harness, monitor and scale their online marketing strategies, so they can improve the speed at which they respond and take action based on their customers' online posts. Brandify helps brands easily connect with customers by allowing them to monitor and respond to reviews from various platforms within one unified dashboard.

Brands who engage directly with customers benefit from uncovering valuable insights about customers and how they view your products, services, and brand. Brands can better manage complaints and questions in a timely manner and develop stronger value propositions by showing prospects and customers that you care. Socially active brands build better relationships with their customers, which creates brand loyalty and trust. Brandify will work with you to create a well-structured digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals. Find all of your social tools in one place. Schedule, post, monitor, and view campaign results for all locations.

Monitor performance of locations in comparison with each others, as well as customizable location groups. Our proprietary Brandscore metric as well as other comparative metrics help you identify which locations are top performers and which are in need of targeted marketing assistance.

Compare your digital performance at the local level against the performance of top competitors in your sector. Our proprietary Brandscore metric as well as other comparative metrics help you identify areas of success as well as opportunities to outpace the competition with campaigns targeted to specific activities or geographic regions.

Mine reviews and social data for trending topics and associated sentiment. See how popular topics and sentiment trend historically. Brandify's sentiment analysis tools make use of machine learning to understand consumer intent and glean insight from social data at scale.

Google Posts provides brands with a convenient way to post text and photos directly to Google My Business. Content appears on the Knowledge Panel and on Google Maps. Posts receive prominent placement in mobile search, and although they function like a business advertisement, they are currently free to use.

Google business listings have a question and answer feature that lets any user ask or answer questions about a business. Google’s Q&A feature is frequently overlooked by brands. However, when it’s monitored and used effectively, it can be a valuable tool for staying ahead of the competition.

Many brands are now using Google Q&As to improve their ranking in local search. Google Q&As give businesses a way to display information that may not be available in the structured attributes of Google My Business or a business’s own website.

Google Posts allow businesses to post text and photos directly to Google My Business. Posts appear on the local panel and on Maps, and they are completely free for businesses. Posts can be used to highlight seasonal offers, same-day flash sales, new product launches, special promotions, emergency updates, open positions, new arrivals, and top products.

Google Posts become less prominent after 7 days, so brands should plan to continue adding new Posts on a regular basis. The only exceptions to the 7-day rule are event and offer Posts, which can be configured to display for the duration of the event or offer.

As a best practice, multi-location businesses should create custom landing pages to match the content in all Google Posts. Brands that are finding it difficult to manage Google Posts at scale via API connection should find a partner like Brandify to streamline and optimize the process.

Multi-location brands can use Brandify's tools to post to local Facebook pages at scale, using various media types: text, images, videos and more.

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