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Frequently Asked Questions about Analytics


Frequently Asked Questions about Analytics

Local analytics are used to measure, analyze, and benchmark digital locations by providing brands with impactful and competitive data. Local analytics should be visual, measurable and actionable. They should ideally include local, organic, and competitive insights from Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.

We provide the metrics for measuring traffic and engagement on locators and local pages. For local pages and listings, we offer search ranking reports that assess ranking performance of store locations across thousands of keyword+geography combinations. For local listings, we offer a rich set of analytical measurements, with particular emphasis on Google and Facebook where the available metrics are the most extensive. We report on searches, views, actions, likes, check-ins, shares, and more, and will soon expand our reporting to include photo engagement, Q&A statistics, and trending search query terms. In addition, we measure reputation signals such as review count, review velocity, and average rating.

Yes, Brandify was among the first companies to develop an algorithm for assessing overall local search performance. This proprietary measurement, which we call Brandscore, works on a scale similar to credit scores (450-850) and measures more than 200 factors that influence digital performance including listing accuracy, search ranking, reputation, and social engagement signals. Brandscore can be used in a variety of ways: as an industry benchmark, a competitive measure between brands, a historical record of improvements in performance, or a comparative measure allowing brands to highlight high-performing locations and those in need of improvement.

We provide local and organic ranking reports for both Google and Bing, measuring the ranking of local pages and listings for a set of keywords the brand is most concerned to rank for. Our reporting is updated regularly to reflect changes that may occur due to algorithm updates, content updates, local campaigns and promotions, or shifts in the competitive landscape. Our rank reporting tracks changes historically in order to identify successes and areas in need of attention. Rank reporting also provides a snapshot of locations that belong to low, middle, and high performing subsets relative to the rest of the brand.

We offer a competitive dashboard that helps brands understand how their local search performance stacks up against prominent competitors. We use Brandscore as our guiding metric as well as the Brandscore pillars of listing accuracy, search ranking, review strength, and social engagement. With these metrics, we can assess in detail where one brand's digital strategy wins out over the competition or falls behind the pack. Brands have used our competitive intelligence as a primary driver in strategic planning; for instance, a decision to embark on a local page optimization or reputation management campaign because the data indicates an opportunity to gain competitive advantage.

We consider two measurements to be of central importance in assessing engagement with online profiles. The first is user actions as an indicator of conversion intent. No metric is a clearer signal of intent to purchase than action metrics like clicks for directions or clicks to call. Other action metrics, such as likes and shares on social platforms, also indicate strong engagement with the brand. The second metric we examine is the proportion of searches that result in actions. Our data shows, for example, that in 2019, 2.9% of users who searched for a business in GMB subsequently took an action such as a click for directions, click to call, or click to the business website. Such metrics can be used as a benchmark for brands to assess their own performance, both at specific moments in time and historically.

Yes, the Brandify dashboard allows you to export a large variety of reports and share important data with your team.

Brandify has built a user-friendly interface that allows for robust filtering by time frame, top performers, locations and more.

Brandify offers a wealth of reporting within the dashboard, a propriety Brandscore tool, and ad-hoc report writers to create the reports that provide specific information important to your brand.

Robust digital marketing dashboards provide brands with a place to quantify the results produced from local marketing efforts. Brandify’s detailed analytics dashboard uses location insights to monitor top performing locations and optimize low performing locations.

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