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Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising


Frequently Asked Questions about Advertising

Local advertising is the practice of targeting consumers close to the location of a business with messaging that reflects the local market. Local landing pages, review management, and online listings all play a part in a broad local advertising strategy.

When clients partner with Brandify for digital marketing services, they enjoy the benefits of a truly holistic approach to local. Our products and services are designed to cover every aspect of the local consumer decision journey. We manage and syndicate location data at scale. We help consumers discover, connect, and interact with brands online and offline. We leverage mobile location data, industry trends, and audience insights to drive performance across multiple channels. With a highly customizable tech stack, seasoned subject matter experts, and a commitment to driving results, Brandify is a valuable add-on to any in-house marketing team.

First, it is about knowing the ‘target audience’. Our expert SEM managers work with you to create highly relevant, location-specific ads. The benefit here is our delivery of ads to potential buyers which are optimized for context, content, location, and situation. 

Brandify serves as a strategic partner to help national brands drive visibility of nearby locations to users across devices. Brands that benefit from Brandify’s omnichannel approach to local advertising are enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations with near-term top-of-funnel objectives like driving awareness for nearby locations or foot traffic.

The innovation of local advertising is in the available variants marketers can leverage and use to be hyperlocal. A powerful exercise that turns generic advertising campaigns into highly impactful, meaningful content. An example of one of our many success stories includes increasing CTR of Ads. The industry standard for click-throughs of .06% was used as a benchmark to measure conversions. Before switching to the Google Display Network, the brand was averaging around .1%. After switching and tailoring messaging for location-specific ad campaigns, CTR jumped 613% and increased website page views from 300,000 monthly to 2 million. On a monthly basis, CTR had been regularly jumping 25%, demonstrating the power of location-specific content in driving awareness across devices.

Brandify leverages mobile location data and advanced audience targeting to drive foot traffic to individual store locations via dynamic creative served up on mobile devices.
Some examples include:

Location Geofencing
Foot Traffic Attribution
Covid-19 Messaging
Location Retargeting
Competitive Conquesting

Using Brandify's own ad server, we plug in to multiple demand-side platforms to drive awareness and engagement across different audiences and devices types.
Brandify provides display ads for desktop, mobile, and custom audience targeting.

Brandify designs, manages and optimizes Google and Bing Ad campaigns based on location, inventory, and promotions to drive leads, traffic, and sales to websites and store locations.
Some examples include:

Google Ads
Google Shopping
Local Campaigns
Local Inventory Ads
Bing Ads

Brandify can target existing audience segments and attract new customers using custom creative, photos, videos, slideshows, and more. Boost visibility, grow sales, get leads, and retarget based on interests, behaviors, and location for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

We help ensure your website is optimized for peak performance in organic search. Our in-house SEO experts will provide recommendations on improving content, navigation, structure, and address issues that relate to on-page optimization, site speed, crawling, and indexing of pages.
Some services we provide are:

Technical Audits
Migration Support
Local Pages at Scale
Content Services
On-Page Recommendations

Brandify's relationship with key local advertising channels helps enterprise brands generate the visibility and awareness needed to drive conversions. Although the right local mix will vary depending on a brand's needs, the most popular types of local advertisements currently are hyper local display, display, paid search, and paid social advertising.

Scale and efficiency are the key to maximizing ROI in local advertising. At Brandify, we understand that time is money. We design, manage, and optimize paid search campaigns so multi-location brands see the greatest possible impact from their local marketing budgets.

Every step a consumer takes on the path to purchase is a chance for your brand to become more relevant and valuable. At Brandify, we use display, search, and social advertising to connect enterprises with local customers at scale.

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