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Frequently Asked Questions about Listings Management


Frequently Asked Questions about Listings Management

The main differentiating factor between claiming listings and syndicating listings data is that the latter can be ‘owned’ by your brand (we use the word ‘owned’ loosely because the listings publisher owns the real estate, brands are simply granted authoritative permission to manage listing). Claiming and syndication, together create a powerful synergy for holistic listings performance.

Listings success metric can be different based on your industry and your goals. As an example - for a multi-location retail grocer, data proliferation through the Brandify Network has reduced the percentage of “address differences” nearly tenfold on Google from 9.5% to an average of .75% across locations. Since its launch in October, Brandify has instantly updated information to 462,906 listings with a 99% distribution success rate.

Duplicate listings can be harmful to your business in numerous ways. They can negatively affect your search rank, since search engines don’t know which listing is correct. Incorrect listings also create confusion for people trying to find you by sending them to wrong locations, which means a loss of store traffic and revenue. Brandify ensures your duplicate and erroneous listings are taken care of.

Brandify ensures duplicates and inaccurate listings are removed and never resurface again to keep your customers visiting the right locations. Unlike other companies that suppress them, so if you were to ever part ways, the erroneous, duplicate listings will resurface again.

Brandify monitors your location data at all times. Search engines change information based on user-generated content, even if it’s incorrect! We ensure all errors and duplications are removed. Brandify keeps duplicates from popping up at the source and ensure you’re always updating the correct listings by using Brandify’s intuitive platform. Whether you have a store closing, opening or changing addresses, Brandify makes it easy to keep your information updated.

Brandify enables you to centrally manage all location data and broadcast complete, accurate, and consistent location information across the web including search engines, local directories, social networks and mapping platforms. Our process starts with cleansing your location data including manual verification of latitude/longitude coordinates, identification and removal of existing duplicate listings, programmatically / manually claiming the listings for all locations and syndicating that data through our core local data aggregator relationships. This approach ensures that your local listings always reflect the most current and accurate version of the locations database.

Our local listing management service goes far beyond a one-time data push where most other companies stop. Brandify utilizes the industry’s best practice of combining both first-party and third-party sources to ensure your location data is found on all the sites and services consumers use to interact with your locations. Some companies offer only third-party syndication. Others offer only temporary replacement of listing data on a limited network of sites, while never touching the underlying databases that core data aggregators are distributing far and wide.

Some local marketing companies handle duplicate content through relationships with publishers that allow them to suppress duplicates for as long as their business customers pay them to do so. Think of duplicate suppression as a technique that simply masks the duplicate data for a limited period of time. This process does not remove the duplicate listing, but simply hides it for as long as the business pays for that service. If the paid relationship ends, the duplicates will reappear.

By contrast, merging duplicates into one master listing, or simply removing duplicates from publication, ensures that faulty data is permanently taken out of the local ecosystem and that URLs are redirected to the proper listing.

Brandify removes duplicates from publication. We connect directly with our publisher and data aggregator partners to permanently merge a duplicate listing into the claimed listing or to remove the duplicate listing if that option is available. A combination of technology and human effort is required to identify all duplicates, interact with publisher partners, resolve any ownership conflicts, and provide support in claiming rogue listings so they may be effectively merged with the managed listing or removed altogether. Our approach to duplicate cleanup provides a long-term solution rather than a temporary fix.

The Brandify dashboard allows clients to upload their business’ location data which is transformed and used to claim & instantly update directories and syndicate to data aggregators and third-party publishers. We’ve worked with each publisher and data aggregator to define and develop an in-house technology platform that allows us to ingest a single data feed and provide instant & seamless updates to listings information in real-time or output multiple data files based on publisher requirements. Our solution will cleanse, format location data, and distribute to all core data providers. The advantage is we can verify geocodes across all platforms supported and ensure location data accuracy across all digital channels. Brandify will further enhance and optimize your brick and mortar locations with human intervention and routine data diagnostics.

At Brandify, our listings network supports the management of listings in real-time on publishers that support this capability. We also have the staff and experience necessary to control elements that require human intervention such as moving a pin on a map or marking a location as closed on Google. This combined approach ensures consistency and permanent improvement to listing health and accuracy.

Our platform and services are designed to produce results that impact the bottom line for your business. There are hundreds of popular local destinations a consumer might use to find your brick & mortar locations – including search engines, local directories, mobile applications, GPS devices, in-car navigation units, and more. Syndication ensures that your locations information is broadcast throughout the local ecosystem, and consumers can find your locations wherever they might be looking. Our distribution network channels provide our clients with the largest syndication coverage to maximize their local SEO presence.

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