Listing Deduplication

Brandify ensures duplicates are removed and never resurface again to keep your customers visiting the right locations.

Brandify listing deduplication service.

Why Deduplication Matters

Duplicate listings can be harmful to your business in numerous ways. They can negatively affect your search rank, since search engines don’t know which listing is correct. Incorrect listings also create confusion for people trying to find you by sending them to wrong locations, which means a loss of store traffic and revenue.  Brandify ensures your duplicate and erroneous listings are taken care of.

Brandify removes duplicate listings versus suppressing them.

Duplication Removal vs. Suppression

Brandify is a true partner. We remove your duplicate and inaccurate listings rather than suppress them, so if we ever part ways, you won’t have erroneous, duplicate listings resurface.

Brandify provides constant data monitoring.

Constant Data Monitoring

Brandify monitors your location data at all times. Search engines change information based on user-generated content, even if it’s incorrect! We ensure all errors and duplications are removed.

Keep your data clean using Brandify's intuitive platform.

Data Accuracy at the Source

Keep duplicates from popping up at the source and ensure you’re always updating the correct listings by using Brandify’s intuitive platform. Whether you have a store closing, opening or changing addresses, Brandify makes it easy to keep your information updated.

Data Driven Products



Ensure data accuracy on Google, Yelp, Bing, Facebook and more, and increase your online presence through syndication to hundreds of sites.



Analytics & Reporting

Location-based analytics that are visual and measurable to keep you informed on the status of your online listings.


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